November 26, 2012

Workout wrap-up and a guest post

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Now for a quick review of last week's workouts. The week started off grand because I knew it would be a slow trickle by the end of the week with the massive turkey eating and all.

Monday: 7 miles -- 1 mile warm-up, 6 miles of speed work alternating .5 miles at 9.0/9.1 mph with 90 seconds of rest at 6.5 mph. Also rowed for 15 minutes, yoga-ed for one hour, and did 20 minutes of legs and arms strength training. This was a super overkill day, but I knew the rest of the week was going to be easy.
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: tempo run, 7 miles in 55:22, the goal was to hit the middle 5 miles at 7:39 pace.
Thursday: turkey day run with the family, 5.41 miles in 55:41.
Friday: rest
Saturday: 10.6 miles in 1:21
Sunday: rest

So the Saturday run was supposed to be 13 miles, but I cut it short because of a sharp pain in my left foot. This is the same foot that I've had problems with on and off for a while, but this pain felt a little sharper (bone?) than previous pains. I decided that it wasn't worth totally screwing up my foot two weeks before a race to get in a few extra miles, so I quit the run early.

But not before I had a gloriously freezing run. Gloves would have been nice.

Too cold to not get the crazy eye.
The creek is almost a giant popsicle. But a very gross flavor. 
Mennonites in town. Maybe trying to take this pic is what brought my ankle down.
I gave my ankle extra rest today and just did a spin class. It doesn't hurt at all when I walk or hop on it. The hopping part is a good sign to me, but I'm very nervous to do any speed work this week. I'll also be heading to the PT on Thursday, so I'll get to chat about it more then.

Do you have mysterious foot/ankle pains that come and go?

What did you do to fix them? After the marathon I'm going to take a couple of weeks off of hard running.