November 11, 2012

XTERRA Oak Mountain State Park 21K results

Just a quick post to let you know that I survived the 21K trail race. Survival is always the number one goal of any race, so success! My time was 2:01:??, so about a minute slower than my last half at this location. But I got second in my age group, so waaaahooooo!

I only bit it on the trail about 20 times. That is possibly not an exaggeration. After mile five I lost count, and at the end, when my feet were laziest, it was about every five minutes. 

Here's a quick pic of my finish with my friend Brian. He really helped me as I struggled the last few miles. It got rough out there. 

Thanks, Brian, for the trail support AND this picture. 

And thanks to Alabama Outdoors too for sponsoring my entry into this race! I'll be posting the full recap/review this week. Spoiler alert: I didn't pee my pants as bad as last weekend. Disappointing, I know.