December 3, 2012

Christmas cards in underpants

Workout wrap-up

Monday: spin class.
Tuesday: shortened version of my tempo run to make sure my foot could handle it, 4 miles in 31:16. Good news -- the foot worked!
Wednesday: easy, untimed 2.5 miles plus 20 min. of rowing.
Thursday: speed work, 5x1000 @ 4:09 (400 rest intervals). 6 miles total, and my foot had zero pain. Another exclamation point!
Friday: 40 minutes on the stationary bike and a 30-minute CXWORX class. They did some funky lunges combined with torso twists that made my knee hurt. I didn't appreciate that. That class is now on my bad list.
Saturday: 11.07 miles in 1:35.
Sunday: rest day.

Total monthly miles: 111.68, which includes a week off after the marathon.

Now to regular biz.

Tonight we blinged out our house and Christmas tree, all while blasting Christmas tunes. But then my kids kept singing the chorus to this song, over and over and over again. Where did we go wrong (or right) as parents?

And in case you're wondering, I definitely sang along with them. At least it's not "Call Me Maybe."

When I told my husband that I wanted to make this picture (below) our Christmas card, he said that he didn't want to pay to print a picture, to be forever remembered by our family, of our kid in underpants. But I thought the underpants only added to the picture. When I asked if he thought it was blog appropriate, he said yes. Personalized, small number of prints for family and friends, no. For the world wide web, definitely yes.

Nothing anchors you in life like your dad's noggin.

We also went to see a winter-themed play at the library this weekend. It was surprisingly pertinent to my racing mindset because the main character, Hans Brinker, was trying to set a rocket skates world record. If you're interested, here's a free Kindle version of Hans Brinker -- the original (a classic written in the 1860s), not the futuristic play they adapted from it. 

During one scene, an evil clock came out and told Hans that it was out to get him and that it wouldn't let Hans beat the record. I had an irrational fear of that clock. If it had been an evil Garmin watch face, it would have been even creepier.

Spoiler alert: he doesn't beat the record, but he saves the town. So maybe I can make saving the town my B goal on Saturday if I don't break 3:40. 

And we got to meet this actress who came straight over from the set of The Hunger Games.

We also read The Nutcracker this weekend, which prompted a Russian dance performance by my daughter. I seriously love Christmas.

Which books do you like to read with your kids around Christmas time? Another of my favorites is The Last Straw. I cried the first time I read it. Maybe the kids had been fighting a lot that day too.

What are some of your favorite holiday activities? We love going to see the most obnoxious lights available and taking advantage of all of the extra community activities like choirs singing and plays. Also, I busted out the stapler for this year's Christmas decor. You know it's hard core when the staplers come out. Stapling is possibly my new favorite holiday activity.

Which song wins the most annoying contest "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" or "Call Me Maybe"? I'm just curious if you agree with my husband or me on this one. Hint: you would not be able to guess my vote from what I wrote above.