December 31, 2012

Happy New Year and don't be that person

First, thank you, thank you to all of you who offered advice for my ailing back. I think I tried everything but getting in the pool (only because we didn't have access to one while we were in Kentucky). Between the stretching, planking, stretching, and more stretching, something worked. It's still not 100%, but I got in 12 miles today. Six on the trail and six on the track. The trail miles definitely were harder on my back than the track miles, no surprise there. I was hoping for 20 miles to get back on track with my plan, but my run time ran out. And it probably was best that I didn't push that hard on my first day back anyway. I guess I should consider this week of training lost in the black hole of running injuries.

I'm very, very happy to be back at it. There was some pain, but I find that if I correct my posture, the pain lessens. So there's that.

Mostly I just want to wish you a happy new year.

Get on your fancy boots (compression socks not optional).

 Or eat a cheeseburger the size of your face. Hello, to my photo bomber son.

But whatever you do to celebrate the new year, don't be this person.

That video is brought to you by Rocket City and my bodily disfunctions.

What are you doing to celebrate tonight?

Will you stay up until midnight? Or are you cutting it short to get in an early morning run? I'm considering staying up late AND getting in an early morning run. Yeehaw!