December 27, 2012

Ho, ho, here's what Santa brought and a Runnerbox winner

That's my best attempt at Longest Blog Post Title Ever. Cha-ching.

So of course, no Christmas season is complete in runnerd blog land without a recap of running gear that you either eagerly begged for or bought for yourself.

My first gift, a 50-oz. running Camelbak, I won by purchasing it for my family's dirty santa game.

I picked this one because it was the lightest version they offered. It only has one tiny pocket that could probably fit your phone, a GU, your ID and some cash. Not super spacious, but I didn't want to be weighed down by anything but water. 

Turns out that my sister-in-law had the same idea and also brought a Camelbak to the game. Seriously, what are the odds of that one in a group of 12 people? She brought one with a little more beef to it (translation: more pockets) made more for biking and hiking. We both went home with our hydration presents, partially to have mercy on other participants who were like, what the freak were they thinking when they brought that, and partially because we both followed the bring-something-you-would-want-to-take-home rule. Although, I think that rule also includes bringing what others would want to take home too. Oops. 

My second runnerd gift was a surprise from my husband and something I actually hadn't ever considered purchasing: Klipsch earbuds. No, I cannot pronounce it, so if you ask me to say it in person, I will mumble ksdkaslf;posdf. 

I've used the standard iPhone earbuds for a while now, and I never wanted to switch because I loved the controller on the headphone wire. Also, I would never have spent more than $5 on headphones because I am really talented at destroying them. Apparently my husband can see past that talent in purchasing a gift for me. 

Let me just tell you right now, these are expensive earphones, but they are the most amazing ones that I've ever worn in my life. They completely block out all other sound. Obviously not the best choice if you are running on the skreets, but perfect for gym running. 

Also perfect for farm running. I tested them and my hydration pack this week in Kentucky. 

They also included this cool idea in the instructions. 

Have you tried this? For some reason it works better on my left ear than the right, but I thought it was a pretty nifty trick.

Another thing I learned from the instruction manual, three clicks to rewind. Two years with my iPhone, and I never knew that.

That's two long years of pausing and fast forwarding only. My music-while-running life just got better. I guess that's what happens when you read instruction manuals -- you learn the basic functions of your stuff. It's so bizarre.

Then my mother-in-law gave me this Camelbak cleaning kit that she found at the bargain store. All Christmas dreams (even ones I didn't know I had) officially fulfilled.

Now it's time to fulfill someone else's wish and pick a winner for the year-long Runnerbox subscription. That's a whole year of runner goodies delivered right to your door. These will make great presents for the runnerd in your family who appears to already have every runner gadget that exists. Or even if they only have a few gadgets. This is a great way to test new products and find out if you want to invest in more.

The winner via is...

Congrats, Barefoot Marathon Momma! Email me at yomommaruns (at), and I'll get you in contact with the people from Runnerbox.

And thank you again to Runnerbox for sponsoring this giveaway, and thanks to all of you who participated and are continuing to support this company as they begin their journey.