December 30, 2012

How to remember your family

The last couple of weeks have been all about family time, and we’ve loved all the minutes of belly laughs, squeezy hugs, cutthroat games, late-night excursions, off key caroling (just me, my family is more talented), stuffing our guts, catching up, and repeating.

My favorite quote from the weekend was from my seven-year-old son, who said, “Don’t expect me to remember all of my cousins since I have so much.” He has 58 (yes, I had to stop for several minutes to count) cousins. That doesn’t even include cousins with kids, which is a healthy number because he has cousins who are the same age as us parentals (aka old).

Maybe this post will help him remember. Here are some pictures from my family reunion. Retain, my son, retain.

There's more than one type of smooth move.


My sister

My dad and twinner and I

Most of the family reunioners.

Calm down, kids.

Hard to know who this is, but I think we're related.

Adult cousins

Kid cousins

On a haunted house expedition. Gatlinburg has those all year long, not just during Halloween.

Our meeting room had a disco ball. It was not wasted.

And an untouchable piano that we immediately touched.

So happy about life when opening presents.

Taking naps in between domino turns, circa 3 a.m.

My new favorite family photo.

Does anyone else agree that this is the worst name for a loyalty club ever?

The Stay Away Club. Huh?

And we went for one run during our time there. My brother was my running partner, as usual, but we added our niece to the crew for three of our miles. It was awesome to have a new recruit. 

Brrrr, I had to cut it short because of the cold. I'm a wimp.

Do you ever play dominoes with your family? 

What would you name your loyalty club? The Stay Away Club? I would probably opt for Don't Ever Come Here Club. It's more direct.

Do you have family reunions? Where? How often? Amory's family has their reunion in KY every other year. My family has a reunion every year around Christmas, sometimes in TN and sometimes in IN.

Have you ever cut a cold run short? You guys are probably a lot tougher than me in the cold. Also, having gloves would have helped. My hands lost feeling for hours afterwards. 


  1. Awww.Iove these photos!! Especially your new favorite! What a perfect family shot. Definitely frame it:) I don't cut cold runs short becauser I love them actually:) You and your sister are so cute together. She has a strong resemblance to Bjork:) xoxo happy new year Lisa!! Only 2 mote months and I can RUN

    1. Yes she does! Especially when she wears her hair in buns.

  2. Wow, that's a LOT of cousins! Love your family photo! I think that's about the cutest family pic I've ever seen! Everyone looks so happy!
    Actually, you're tougher than me in the cold weather, I just stick to my treadmill in this weather!

  3. Wow, how lovely to have a family reunion and what a big family!! We have never done one and are scattered across different continents so rarely get more than a couple of extras at Xmas. Great pics.

    1. Yes, that kind of spread out would make it harder. We are spread out across the states, and it is even hard then. I can't imagine how we would do it from different continents.

  4. I love your family photo! So cute, especially the twins! I actually didn't learn how to play dominoes until one of my professors at Auburn taught me a few years ago. We've since taught my whole family and love to play when we can enough people around at a table! When I was a kid my dad's family had a reunion every summer, but sadly that tradition died several years ago.
    As for cold runs, we've been trying really hard to tough them out (and then kid about how hard core we are, ha!). But it's not fun!

    1. I could see Jenny being a great domino opponent. Now that I know you play, we'll have to have you guys over for a round one night.

      And you are hard core for running in the cold. I say I love it, but then I wimp out.

  5. I love all your photos but I have to say, I think your sister may have the happiest face I've ever seen! Her whole face smiles!

    1. That's so sweet! I'm going to tell her you said so.:)

  6. Holy 58 cousins! I would name my loyalty club the No Boys Allowed Club for obvious reasons. We don't have many family reunions, I would love to though! I miss my extended family.

  7. Your family looks so fun! These pictures are great! And yes, I cut a cold run short on this very day, but mostly because my baby has not slept all week and so I have not. Not because of the cold. (Although it was cold). :)

  8. looks like yall had fun :) we occasionally do extended family get-togethers/reunions at christmas or thanksgiving but didn’t do it this year.

  9. I can't get over the enormity of your family. I have such a small family. I have family envy, but not of the creepy looking guy in the headscarf!!!! LOVE the family portrait too - that's for framing.

    Happy New Year, Yo Family!

  10. That looks like endless fun. I'm wondering if anyone actually played the piano or if it was simply "touched", out of rebellion.

  11. This made me laugh because both Allan's mom and dad have TONS of siblings (17 or 18-I forget) and he doesn't even know how many cousins he has!


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