December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to all

Merry Christmas to all my peoples of the interwebs! Here's a little nugget of what we've been doing to celebrate. 

Our zoo sets up some lights to lure the humans in at night. 

Cousins. That's what's up.

Refueling with giant candy canes. 

And though I love the lights at the zoo, this next set of lights is the best of my life. Mr. Gilley in Small Town, Alabamy, started setting up these crazy, amazing, cooky, fun, mechanical, everything-spins-and-twirls lights forever ago. Now he has passed away, but his family still puts the lights up in his honor every year. We drive an hour and a half one way to see these suckers. It's like the Disney World of Christmas lights. 

But mostly I love all of the carved figures. These guys tap dance and spin under a blanket of lights.

Multitasking Mary. As if being Jesus' mom wasn't enough.

I have no words for this tight rope act.

I bet King Kong up there didn't see this note before he agreed to that gig. 

Because we had to head out to a family reunion, we had Christmas early at our house.

My son gave himself a present from Santa Claus(e).

He also loves us so yery mutch. 

So much that he wrapped this up and gave it to my husband for Christmas. I love the kid phase where they wrap up random toys from around the house to give to us and each other. 

This giant set of Lincoln Logs was my best thrift store find for Christmas. They had a giant bag of these for $7. Does anyone know what the white sticks are for? 

 Plush lion not included in the thrifted Lincoln Logs.

My daughter's favorite present was these Iwako Japanese take apart erasers, which soon became part of  our nativity. Pandas and elephants in Jesus' stable make me smile. 

Another important person born this time of year: my sistah. She is so amazingly talented, healthy and fun and pretty much the best sister I could have ever hoped, wished or prayed for. The kids were stoked to hand craft some birthday goodies for her, and because my sister is the healthiest lady ever, I gave her kale and frozen blueberries for her birthday instead of cake.

She looks only a couple of years older than those kids flanking her. I'm trying to learn all of the secrets to her fountain of youth.

What's your favorite December tradition? 

Did you get any sweet deals on gifts for people? Or thrift any? 

What was the most hilarious or awesome gift you received (from a kid or adult)? 

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