December 19, 2012

Runnerbox Subscription Review and Giveaway

Tis the season of giveaways. As I've mentioned before, I am all about entering giveaways for myself (just won a pair of Mizunos this week!), so I like to do them on this blogeroo to give back to others. Anytime those giveaways are for small companies just starting out, even better. I love helping out people who are taking a risk and going after an idea or product in which they believe.

And, as you've probably guessed by now, that's what I've got for you today with Runnerbox. They just launched their website and sales this week! What is Runnerbox? It's a subscription box like Bulu or Nature Box, but this one is specifically made for runners by runners. With a subscription to Runnerbox, you'll receive a bi-monthly box in the mail filled with goodies for runners, like energizing snacks, gels, safety gear, and more.

You can use Runnerbox to keep you out of the same-old-boring-gel rut and experiment with new energy sources and flavors. Or you can send one as a gift to a runner friend. Or a triathlete friend because they make a tri-box too. 

When I found my Runnerbox waiting for me on the doorstep and immediately ripped it open, the first thing I loved was the wrapping. I'm a sucker for good wrapping, a motivational quote and lime green. I freaking love that color.

Here's what I found inside. Flexibility tea. How did they know they know that I consider touching my toes a giant accomplishment?

A blinking light for nighttime running.

And more. I'm really excited to try the Sport Beans. They're one of those things that I always hear people talking about but have never tried. Plus, I already know that I love those Honey Stinger waffles. Yum. 

Go here to check out the subscriptions and gift box options. Also, today, they're offering 25% off! So if you need a last-minute gift for your runnerd, get over there. 

And thanks to Runnerbox, one of you guys can win a year's subscription. Awesome! This is one giveaway that I wish I was entering instead of hosting. 

To enter: Tell me, in a comment below, what product you would want to see in your Runnerbox. It can be something you've tried and loved or something you've been itching to give a shot. 

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This giveaway will close next Wednesday, December 26, 2012, so if you win, consider it a late Christmas present to yourself that will last all year long.

Runnerbox provided the box I received and the subscription for the giveaway. I received no other compensation for this post, and all the thoughts and opinions here are my own.