December 12, 2012

Sales, socks, hoodies, and pace bands

*Last day to enter the Due North traction aids giveaway. I have six pairs to give away!

Here are some other randoms that I wanted to share with y'all today.

1. Rock 'n' Roll races are all $20 off today. No coupon code needed. The prices are discounted on the site. The only RNR I'll for sure be running next year is Savannah. The Savannah race is my reunion with friends from Florida every year, so it's a must.

2. I was looking at some compression sleeves today because I am trying out Injinji toesocks and wanted to see how much it would be to buy some sleeves in case I like the socks for long runs. Pro Compression recently started selling sleeves, and the code FIT40 gives you 40% off and free shipping. So you get a set of sleeves, out the door or in the mailbox, for $27 total. I just found that code online, so I'm not sure when it expires. It also looks like it will give you 40% off any product, not just sleeves.

While I was browsing, I checked into these stripy Christmas socks, but they were out of my size. Cry!

3. Yesterday Running with Kellometers tipped us off that The Clymb has a bunch of Oiselle goods on sale right now. Check out their page to see what they have. Last I looked, they still had my favorite hoodies ever in orange for almost half price. They also had shorts, pants, running shirts, and tons of casual tees.

If you like violet-colored happy hoodie, they have it for even a few dollars cheaper than The Clymb on Amazon. I'm so tempted to buy more because I love this hoodie so much. My mom would appreciate it if I bought the violet one. Seeing me in orange (not my color) makes her cringe. 

And one more Oiselle tidbit. They just put out this video about the ordeal they went through to make Olympic compliant clothing. It's interesting to see the process, and the phrase "poop nuggets" is used once. I can get behind anything that can get behind poop nuggets as an expletive. 

Then they have this other entertaining video about marathon pain. 

4. My one and only daughter danced as a Russian baker in The Nutcracker at school today. She took her Russian kicks seriously. It was pretty adorable.

5. Recently I realized that on one of my favorite sites you can print out marathon-specific pace bands for free. It will generate a band with even effort, even pace, slow start or fast start. Basically whatever kind of race you can think to run. You put in your goal time, and it spits out the pace band. 

I wore one (not that it mattered) in Rocket City. I laminated it (which means putting packing tape on both sides) and wore it on my wrist. I love that it's customizable and free. Most importantly free. 

This is the one I made. I chose even effort, so it accounted for the hills on the course. I also put in my time a little bit faster than goal time to account for any mileage overages. 

Go here to make one for your next race.

Do you ever wear pace bands? I wore this band at Rocket City and sort of stuck with the pacers, who went out too fast.

Do you wear toe socks? Love or hate them?

What do you think about the strict logo standards for the Olympics?