January 10, 2013

Clean eating and what not to do on a trail (the kid version)

3, 2, 1, go. This will be my fastest blog post ever, and I will tell you at the end how long it took me to write and edit it.

Thanks to everyone who gave me ideas and feedback on how to eat on the run during my gluten/dairy/sugar free two weeks! I'm in the midst of brainstorming a paste that I can blend together and put in a baggy. Some of the possible ingredients: almond butter, quinoa, honey, sea salt, chia seeds. Any other ideas of ingredients to add to the paste?

So far I am loving this challenge so much that I could put a ring on it. One huge thing that I have noticed is that I don't have as big of an after-lunch slump. Some days it's almost impossible to stay awake during that time, but with less sugar (and probably less gluten too), I'm not getting drained as quickly. Sleeping would also help. That's why this post is on the timer.

I'm already considering extending my two weeks. I'm happy that I have so much energy, and my husband is happy because the fridge is packed with food. He's not necessarily eating any of it (trying to break him of the habit of barely eating all day until dinner), but he likes that it's there.

Here's my lunch for the past two days. Quinoa, sautéed red peppers and onions (with olive or coconut oil), avocado. So delicious.

Yesterday, I cooked up a huge pot of quinoa to have in my fridge so that I could whip something like this up in about five minutes. I also stockpiled boiled eggs, chopped onions, and chopped red peppers. They're all just really great to have handy so you can whip up a healthy snack quickly instead of reaching for the potato chips (my favorite junk food). 

The other best thing I tried was this chocolate avocado pudding that helped kill my chocolate cravings. I know it looks a little gross, but if you are trying to cut out added sugar, this can help bridge a gap. The recipe I used was a lot like this one

Next time I'm going to try using frozen bananas to make it more like ice cream, and I might try adding some of this coconut I found at Whole Foods. 

But sometimes I get really annoyed at Whole Foods when I see something like this. Eight bucks for 4 oz. of dried fruit. The problem is that I really wanted those cherries, but there is no way I'm going to pay $8 for a handful of dried cherries. In their defense (which I hate to be), it is really hard to find dried cherries that don't have sweetener added, and these didn't have anything added. 

With all of this extra energy from eating clean (and with $8 in my pocket from the failed cherry run), I decided to finally take down Christmas decorations. The twins cried about Christmas being over until I reminded them that their birthdays can't come until Christmas is over. Problem solved. Life is awesome as a three-year-old twin. 

This isn't how you organize your ornaments?

I'm also a little too excited about finding this 70% off advent tree at Target. I've already spent 30 minutes just sitting around opening and shutting the doors. I'm all about smart time management.

We also used some time (and some of my pizazzy gluten-free energy) to take a family hike yesterday. 

Just a safe little bridge for the young people.

Then I turned around to see this. It's getting real real up in here. 

And last, but finally something pertinent to this blog, I got this package in the mail yesterday. I won these from DE Running Mom, and I'm looking forward to trying out the latest and lightest version of the Wave Rider. I kind of can't quit staring at them. The pink and aqua are like eye magnets. 

Have you already put away all of your Christmas decorations? Be honest. I won't judge you because I know my own pile o' ornaments will probably be there another week. 

Do you ever hike with little kids? Yes, but they like to go off trail too much. And they pee on the trail. Isn't that an official rule of hiking? Don't pee on the trail. Basically, some adult should teach them some manners. Oh wait. 

Is there a food that you love but is too darn expensive to justify? About 90% of Whole Foods fits into this category. 

OK, one hour and fifteen minutes. Not the fastest blog post ever, but I did take about three naps in there. 

**Don't forget to enter to win some Happy Family organic snacks for kids! Free ninety-nine. Even I can't complain about that price.