January 27, 2013

Keep the darkness at bay

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Workout wrap-up

Monday: 12.17 miles at Red Mountain Park trails in 2:33. Felt like a great pace to aim for at the 50K. Slow and steady. The goal is to finish, which I think I can if I take it easy.

Tuesday: Chiropractor appointment. My back was in much better shape, but my left hip was still really bothering me. He did a lot of dip tissue work on my hips, and the therapy on the right side had me gripping the table in pain. Looks like that's where I'm tightest. But since the appointment, my hip has had little to no pain. Seriously, best chiropractor I've ever been to.

Then I went to Body Flow and a spin class. I decided to hit up Body Flow instead of yoga and was the student in the back not doing anything when they did any forward bending that felt slightly uncomfortable. But it worked. My back is still good.

Wednesday: speedwork. Normally I'm with my coach's group, but I had to go treadmill this week because of scheduling conflicts. 9.41 miles total. Warm up, 4x1600@7:19 (1-min RI), cool down. I loved this speed session. It's always feels nice to go a little slower but sustain it longer.

Thursday: spin class and planks.

Friday: 8.02 miles in 1:06. I was supposed to run these slower, but I was trying to crank them out before a scheduled appointment (that's what I call playdates). So I turned this into a marathon pace run.

Saturday: 17.28 in 2:27. I got to run the first 11 with my favorite marathon training partner, and the last six or so were solo with no music. It was a great chance to get into my head and train for those last lonely miles of a marathon. I was supposed to run 18, but I got back to my car in fewer miles than I thought with a slightly achy foot. No desire here to press my luck with a wonky foot.

Fueling was power protein bars again. Still looks disgusting but works to keep me feeling great. No, that is not a Madonna mic coming out of my ear. Street lamps look weird from this angle.

Sunday: rest

So February is turning out to be the craziest month of my running journey ever. I talked to my coach about all of my plans so we could get on the same page. It's nice to get feedback from someone who considers crazy plans without too much judgement. Or, more like, with no judgement, just encouragement. More on the actual crazy plans later when I've ironed out the details.

Now for the new segment on this blog called My Favorite Things From the Interweb.

1. My husband sent me a link to an article titled "Nipple-Bottomed Shoes Freak Out the Internet." The title is actually the best part of the post. Hilarious. BTW, the shoes seem goofy, and I would vote to never wear them.

2. This video and song are my new favorite because I love the thrift store and have been waiting for someone to dedicate a rap song to it forfreakingever.

Warning: there's a lot of swearing in the video, but if you want to hear the clean version go here. Or you can watch the video with the volume down to see their cool dance moves. Trying to keep it clean for the kids, ya know. 

But seriously, that video was like a picture of my life, dancing through the thrift store aisles in my big fur coats. Plus, there's a monetary lesson in there about overpriced name brands. So educational. 

3. My new favorite motivational video. 

My favorite quote: Don't stop believing, unless your dream is stupid. Then you should get a better dream.

Second favorite quote: We can cry about it, or we can dance about it.

4. And for your FiveFinger shoe lovers, here's an article you might enjoy: "Man Behind Vibram FiveFingers Creates a Two-Toe Shoe." There's actual content in this article, unlike the nipple one above.

5. My sister-in-law just reminded me of my favorite quote from The Hobbit.

Glad I stayed awake long enough to hear this part. 


And this is the segment of the post where I cry because I took my niece Aria back to Kentucky yesterday.

Well, actually, we met some family in Tennessee, and they took her back to Kentucky. That saved me from falling asleep on the drive home. Those long runs wear you out.

We actually met them at the place I got married. Tears. I love remembering that day. Although it rained the entire day so all of our pictures are underneath the awning out front. 

Basically that Gandalf quote up there is why I'm going to miss Aria. She did lots of small acts of love and kindness all around our house to make it a better place. I would come home from dropping off the kids the kids at school, and the dishes in the sink would have disappeared. Do you know how often that happens around here? Let me think about it ... oh, um, wait, NEVER. 

Every activity we did together she proclaimed as fun. I just love her attitude. We will seriously, seriously miss you, Ari-R.

On the way home, I needed a snack, so I stopped and picked up this.

When you run a lot, you have to eat a lot. But this photo also tells the story of why you should not shop while you are hungry. I probably overdid it for a road trip snack for one person. I've been trying to avoid chips on my clean eating plan, but they had much simpler ingredients than most of the junk at the grocery store so I felt like they were a good choice. Also, I decided to give Larabars another shot. Maybe with a less-sugarfied palate, I will now enjoy them. Maybe.

My daughter called my clean eating "a diet" the other day, and I had a long talk with her about how the eating wasn't about losing weight at all. The clean eating plan is about feeling good. I wanted to make sure that it is clear to her that I do not deprive myself of food when I am hungry. It's all about paying attention to what you are using as fuel so that you feel better. And it works!

What's a small act of kindness that someone did for you this week? 

What's your favorite road trip snack? Usually mine is Hardee's Thickburgers. More of a ginormous meal than a snack.

Did you see anything hilarious on the internet this week? Or in real life would work too.