January 12, 2013

Monte Sano 15K results

Just stopping in really quickly to post the results of the Monte Sano 15K today. Yesterday, I went to the gym and could not run. At all. I tweaked my back again on Thursday by bending over to put pants on one of the twins. It's the little things that get ya when you're already messed up. 

So I stewed about what to do for this race. I tried calling several recommended-by-friends chiropractors, but no appointments fit my schedule. Finally I put in a call to my physical therapist to get some recommendations. One of his recommendations was Doug Charles, who happened (thank goodness!) to have an appointment at a time I could make yesterday. To say it was amazing is an understatement. That guy is gifted. He spent over an hour doing deep tissue work that had me gripping the table and then did an adjustment. I walked out of there a different person. 

I've been to lots of chiropractors, but none who seemed so intuitive and none who have helped me so tremendously in one visit. Plus he sings. A lot. And it was really fun and different and cool. Loved it. 

He strongly recommended that I not do the trail race. But you know how common sense does not always equal runner sense. I went up thinking that I would just see how the trails looked and how I felt. 

Trails looked bad (i.e. muddy), but I felt good. So I went for it. More details on the race in my recap, but my final time was 1:36?? and first place in age group. 

Plus I experimented with my clean eating fuel for the first time. I ground up medjool dates, walnuts, cocoa, cinnamon, coconut oil, and salt in the blender and put it in a ziploc. 

They did not stay in that form for long. I ended up biting off the end and squeezing out the contents. But it worked!