January 20, 2013

Runner's World $5.99/year deal

In you haven't seen my Facebook post about this deal, I wanted to let you know here on the blog too that right now there is a deal for a year of Runner's World for $5.99 (up to four years). Go here and type in the coupon code SLICKDEALS after you add the order to your cart.

I've been searching for a good deal on this for the last two years, and this is the best one I've come across. So if you've been putting off ordering, this is a great time to sign up.

Edit: This deal is now dead. But I'll post when I see another one.

Be back soon with a real deal post.

In the meantime, I'll be doing some of this to recover from yesterday's 22-mile training run (and the dancing at the track club social).


  1. Hubby got me a subscription for Christmas...too bad we missed out on this awesome deal!

  2. Enjoy recovery.
    I love my Runner's World! Great bedtime reading.

  3. This is such a crazy good deal! Thank you for sharing!!! I bought myself a year for
    Y birthday, wonder if I should buy a couple more:)

    Xooxox Hanna

  4. Thanks for posting, what a good deal!

  5. WAHOOOOO I'm so glad you posted that discount! I just got it and I'm pumped!

  6. Thanks!!! I am getting a subscription for myself and one for my friend!
    Nice recovery!!

  7. Thanks for the deal! I bought a two year subscription right away. Awesome!

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