February 25, 2013

Definitely don't do that

Today I do nothing. That is my goal. I will be walking to the kitchen many times to refill my food supply, and I will fold some clothes to make room for more lounging on my bed. Do you ever throw laundry on your bed to guarantee that you will fold it, only to shove it to the side so you can squish into a now laundry-lumpy bed? No? Me either (twiddles thumbs).

Since my seriously-insane-person month of racing is now over, I have a few seconds to reflect on it. 

1. I definitely don't recommend this much racing to anyone. The time spent carb loading alone was exhausting. I'm being serious with that one. Sometimes carb loading is exciting, but to do it three weeks in a row is just a huge pain. I stuck with it because I really felt like it was helping my legs at the end of races, preventing cramping and hitting the wall. I carb loaded all three weeks starting three days before the race, following the same plan I described here. Even though I was exhausted in all of my races, I never felt like I hit the wall in any of them. Especially amazing in the 50K where I was expecting to face a blow up or wall at any second. 

2. My coach did not recommend this to me. My original plan with my coach was to race the first of these three and run the next two at easy, fun paces. Well that was before my 12-second upset during MS River Marathon. Two days after that race, I told my husband that I had an epiphany that I was going to try and race again at Mercedes, and he laughed and said, "That's not an epiphany. I knew that you were going to as soon as you didn't make it in Mississippi." I guess I am absolutely transparent to my husband. 

When my coach heard me whispering at our pre-race carb party that I might try again at Mercedes, he shook his head in disapproval. He wasn't going to force me to stop, but clearly, he thought it would not be a smart move. It turns out that it worked for me, but it could very easily have gone the other way. I don't know what the magic formula is, but normally, I think the general rule is that racing two marathons two weeks in a row is quite dumb.

Somehow I got lucky with this particular scenario, but I definitely don't want to push that luck and try that again anytime soon. 

3. So glad the never-ending taper is over too. You know how taper week makes you a crazy person, and you just don't know what to do with yourself half of the time. That's what the entire month of February has been for me. My blog got the major shaft because I didn't really want to talk about anything that was going on in my race-prep brain for irrational fear that it might somehow jinx any plans that I had made. I am a superstitious weirdo. If talking about BQing didn't work for me one time, then it would probably jinx it if I did it again. Right? Totally right. 

4. After the Mt. Cheaha 50K, I am more excited about trail running now than I've ever been. Also, I'm more ready than ever to just run for fun. Which may be just a repeat of the first sentence. Some things I want to happen soon: run more with my brother, pound dirt instead of asphalt, and throw my Garmin in the trash (then dig it right out again because that junk is not cheap).  

5. Thank you to everyone for all of your cheers and support after I finally made my goal at Mercedes! Now I promise to try and stop being so dramatic about it like the world revolves around that one moment in my life. It kind of felt like that for a couple of months, but I am going to attempt to move on and live a more balanced life. I haven't even told a poop story in at least a month, and that is just totally unacceptable. 

6. If you haven't laughed at someone else's awkwardness today, this video could change that for you. It is our attempt at an impromptu Harlem Shake at the beginning of Mt. Cheaha. Listen, we're low budget and don't know how to dance, so it's a little bit like watching a train wreck. But the pole dancers on the left got pretty fierce. 

Awkward moments, brought to you by trail racing. 

To sum this up, you all rock. 

Have you ever raced multiple weekends in a row? How did it turn out? 

Do you find carb-loading exhausting or fun? 

Have you ever made your own Harlem Shake video? Did it remind you that you can't/shouldn't dance?


  1. You dance like me. Not too bad. ;)
    I think carb loading is a bit nuts but it worked great for my freakish 2am run.
    Yes, I have raced multiple weekends always under 5 miles, so you usually roll out of bed and go just fine. Yes, my Mom beats me at the 5ks and usually confuses the judges as to where to place her; she is 57 & runs them in 24-25 minutes.

    1. Thank you for entertaining us your; blog is Awesome!

  2. Ahhh so much awesome in one post!!! I've been MIA in the blog world for a week or so (cause if I'm too lazy to run for a week, I can't read about other people running.. haha sounds like you did a LOT of it!) and clearly I have a lot of catching up to do!! WAY TO GO!!! You are so amazing, I can't believe you raced 3 weekends in a row with an ULTRA in there! So excited to read all the details!

  3. Hilarious video, looks like trail racing is where the party's at! Huge congrats on Mercedes and your trail ultra :)

  4. You should come out and run at Ruffner some time. Michael comes out to run with me sometimes. It is beautiful out there, and a welcome change from Red Mtn and Oak Mtn.

  5. This is a great post full of good stuff! Very happy for you to reach your Mercedes goals, even if you had to be exhausted through carb loading to do it! Take a well deserved rest now and eat some protein! ; )

  6. LOL!! I am a person who will dance at the drop of a hat. It takes no coercing me to dance. It is the one time my introvert self goes to the shadows and my wild side comes out. I LOVE DANCING!!! So this post is full of all kinds of awesome!! LOVE IT!! You are the woman doing a 50k just after accomplishing your goal. You sound a lot like me in the sense that now you can just run for fun. I have told my hubby many times once I get my BQ time goal and get in Boston I will be relieved because then I can just run for fun. I will have no big time goals after that, but just want to maintain my running. Boston is for my dad.:)

  7. Lisa I Have loved reading your blog. And those are some great question you put out there at the end of this posting. You know most of this but others may not. I don't carb load or taper for a race. I don't cross train or do much speed work either. And I don't really even train for most of the races I do. I just run during the week and do the Long Runs (20 to 40 Trail Miles) on the weekends. I've had great luck doing this for a long long time. The 30+/- mile Trail Run every week has worked well for me but may not work for everyone. I also do these runs kinda EZ too. But I'm not a fast cat like you. Nonetheless, I do love running beside you and so many others (especially my Loving Mary). As far as the dance, I'm happy to say that you can't see me in your video. You are such a good sport Lisa.
    Peace and Run Happy Everyone:)

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  9. Pole Dancer #2 here. Had a blast doing it. Funny thing, I'd just spent the night before telling pole dancer #1 what the Harlem Shake was. Obviously, he got the picture and jumped in with both feet. I've enjoyed your blog and am in the Ham as well. Good luck the rest of the season.

  10. Very impressive month of racing, complete with a BQ and an ultra. You rock!

  11. I love the harlem shake video. It's cute! February is going to be a hard month to top this year for you. Enjoy running for fun-that's the best kind of running!

  12. Love the video:) Never heard of the Harlem Shake though. Maybe I should google it:)

  13. Okay, absolutely loved the video! We have some good dance parties in our living room, but I'm way too shy to bust a move in front of a crowd! This past fall we did the Vulcan Run 10k the Saturday before the Huntsville Half and that's how we learned the importance of the taper. As for carb loading, if eating pasta for dinner the night before counts, we totally do it.

  14. Great job on all the racing - glad you get a break now!
    Love the video and the dancing!!!

  15. O...M...G!!! That video is freakin' awesome!!!! I love it!!


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