February 12, 2013

Finding your marathon inspiration

Marathon-week workouts

Monday: 8 miles, 9:05 pace, easy miles
Tuesday: chiropractor visit (got the green light on my back and hip), foam rolling
Wednesday: 32 minutes of stationary bike, hip exercises, planks
Thursday: 3 easy miles -- Miles of Shame, hip exercises
Friday: driving to Greenville, MS, and cleansing my colon (too much info? nah!)
Saturday: 26.59 at Mississippi River Marathon, 3:40:12. Blast you, 12 seconds.
Sunday: hiking Natchez Trace and indian mounds with my family.

I took it easy during the week to make sure that my legs would be itching to run on Saturday. They were!

Because I'm still sorting through the 548 photos from the marathon (thank you, camera sport mode and my children), I'll just set the scene for my pre-marathon inspiration.

My training buddy dropped off a special autism puzzle headband (represent!) and some road trip snacks on Friday. The kids are still talking about how she is the nicest person they know. Tip: if you bring my kids chocolate and fruit snacks, you are automatically their best friend.

My number one fans joined me for Friday's road trip to Mississippi. 

Kids are the best marathon supporters because they keep things fun and constantly want snacks, and every marathoner ever needs fun (to keep the nervousness at bay) and snacks. 

When the kids get older, they can write you inspirational messages that may or may not make sense, like this one from my daughter. 

In a way it does make sense, because during the last six miles of a marathon, the road, the Garmin, the people, and, well, everything fades away. It's just you, your spaghetti legs, your burning lungs, and a really strong desire to cross the finish line. And I bet that in a thousand years, those twelve seconds between me and my BQ won't mean anything.

But I am kind of hoping that in a thousand years my descendants will still be bringing the funk like Creed does on the daily.

Creed dancing at the marathon after party. 

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What is your marathon (or running/racing in general) inspiration?

Do you have a favorite road trip snack? On this road trip, it was bananas. Usually it's chips.

Are any of your running clothes good luck? I am a little superstitious and don't want to wear (possibly ever again) the same shoes I wore at Rocket City.