February 7, 2013

How to turn your 26.2 sticker into a car magnet

It's project time around here, and I wanted to share a really simple one with you guys.

Have you ever had a sticker that you love but don't want to permanently adhere to your vehicle. Back in college, it took me about three days to remove my parking stickers from my front windshield, and ever since then, I've had zero desire to stick anything to my car. Except for the accidental gum droppings (worse than stickers) by children, we have a stickiness-free car zone. 

And like a with a bad tattoo, who knows if you're going to support Obama in a couple of years, or even six months. So instead of going all-in with a sticker, try upgrading to a magnet. If you still have a Kerry or McCain sticker on your car because you haven't found the time to scrape it off yet, keep reading -- this tip is especially for you. 

We get lots of free hideous magnets around here. Think the giant magnets that come on the front of the phone books that are dropped off at your door. 

Exhibit A: Giant hideous magnet given to us when my kids played soccer. 

And here are some of the stickers that I'd like to convert to magnets. 

The simple steps:

1. Choose your sticker. The Birmingham Track Club sticker is the winner because it had the closest fit to the soccer magnet. Plus I love my track club. 

2. Peel and stick to your magnet, smoothing out any air bubbles. I told you this would get complex. 

3. Cut as close to the edges as possible. 

4. Admire you cutting skillz.

 5. Throw it on the back of your car and crank up your Macklemore and Ryan Lewis because you just found your come up.

Which sticker would you turn into a magnet if you could?

Do you currently have any stickers/magnets on the back of your car? Which ones? This one is joining our Railroad Park magnet.