February 17, 2013

Mercedes Marathon results

Today was the day for my hometown just-for-fun marathon. Turns out that being in your hometown (and possibly built-up annoyance from my two recent less-than-15-second misses on BQing) puts a fire under your legs.

It was definitely my day out there. Finally!!! 

Special thanks to my brother for tugging me along to the finish! Love ya, bro! And thanks to my hometown and the amazing running community here for being an inspiration to me as a newbie runner when I first moved here. Birmingham was where my runner birth happened, so it feels fitting that I finally hit my BQ on my home turf. 

Around mile 24 with my big brother Jimmy. Are we in the same season?

Final results: 3:34:42 and 9th in my age group. 

I cried for about 20 minutes after I crossed the finish line. Every stranger I talked to got to hear about my personal miracle that happened today. Thanks for acting interested, strangers! 

And thanks to all of you who encouraged me when my misses were near (MS River and Savannah) and far (Rocket City). You lifted me when I was down. 

More specifics to come with the race report.