February 24, 2013

Mount Cheaha 50K results

Mission complete! Three weekends of tough racing culminated with the Mount Cheaha 50K (pronounced chee-haw), a race to the top of Alabama and my first 50K. Of all the races, I was looking forward to this the most -- as a break from the monotony of the roads with some gorgeous Alabama nature. 

Thanks to my Alabama Outdoors teammate Michael for sticking with me during this race and helping me through with his positive attitude. This was his final "easy" run to prep for the Double Top 100 next week. 

Final time: 6:25, 53rd overall. Feeling throughout the race: awe and amazement. Some highlights were the waist-deep water crossing (and many more knee-deep water crossings) and the straight-up (as in that's the direction you had to move against gravity) climb through a boulder zone. If you are interested in running a 50K in Alabama, definitely add this to the list. 

I'll be back with the full report and pictures next week.