March 9, 2013

A running nightmare and shoes so bright they scare some

Do you ever have running nightmares? Would you count the restless mind miles in your training plan? I worked hard in my nightmare 5K last night, and I'm kind of feeling like those miles should count, double.

It started out as a fun 5K that I was running with people from the Alabama Outdoors team. Then I realized that I forgot running shoes and instead was wearing boots that were a size too small. On top of the shoe situation, no one could find my bib. When we finally scrounged a bib up, I felt my pocket for my phone, and it was gone. No tunes, no headphones. Fine, I could handle that, but then at the race start, I discovered that we were running in unfamiliar territory. No race officials were directing traffic, and no one marked the race course. So I just follow people, right? Wrong. Everyone was gone already, except for one girl who was trash talking me the whole run. Last, we had to run through some maze-like fun house where monsters were trying to attack us. Escape was prerequisite to finishing the race. After a narrow escape from partially decayed monster teeth, I decided to find the race director and complain and get a map of the rest of the 5K route. Of course, I still wanted to finish the race. Turns out the race director wasn't sure what the route was either. What the heck! 

Somehow I fit in every runner nightmare into one dream. Except realizing you're running naked in front of all your school mates (from every year of school) and your boss. 

What's the opposite of a running nightmare? These. Between these and the Newtons, I'm going for the most visible runner from outer space. 

I had a gift certificate for Road Runner Sports, and the New Balance Women's W890v2 were on sale. So it had to happen. This exact pair, different color, has been in my rotation for a year, and they still look great, with not a ton of wear on the outside edge like I get with almost every other shoe I own. Kind of interesting how different shoes wear in different spots for the same runner. 

As I type this post, I'm procrastinating a run because my legs are sore from the beating this guy gave us during training this week.

Mike the trainer

My gym buddy invited me to join in on her training sessions, and I've learned that even torture is more fun with friends. I'm only blurry in this picture below because I'm so fast, not at all because we were trying to take cell phone pictures in crappy lighting. 

Faster than light or crappy cameras

We were either pulling this around the gym or tossing it for the other person to catch, or something easy like that. 

Bench tossing 101

During an impromptu pull-up competition we had at the end of yesterday's session, Mike the Trainer did some one handed pull-ups just to prove the rest of us are wimps for life. He could do more with one arm than I can do with two. Frown smile.

And the winner of the Cheribundi case giveaway is Jolene from Journey of a Canuck Mom on the Run. Congrats! Thanks to everyone else who entered and thanks to Cheribundi for providing the delicious tart cherry drink. 

For you Alabamians (or people who love to visit here), I'm posting an Alabama trail race giveaway next week, so keep an eye out for that. 

Do you go for neutral-colored running shoes or ones that are so bright they could blind a person? Anything brighter than the sun is my current preference. 

Do you have any shoes that wear differently on the bottom than most of your other shoes?

How many pull-ups can you do? Two, if I count the initial one where I jumped up from the bench to get my chin over the bar.