March 2, 2013

Cookie overload and recovery workouts

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It's been a slow training week. On purpose. I needed a mental and physical break. Also, I took a little bit of a diet break (translation: I went on a Girl Scout cookie binge for three days). The side effects were general irritability and falling asleep in the school carpool line. I'm on day three or four of no cookies and feeling much better (read: not like a grouchy monster).

I used these snacks (from my awesome gym friend) to help ween me off of the crack cookies. Now I need to find a recipe so I can make them at home. Pinterest to the rescue.

Seriously how can the Girl Scouts condone those cookies? With their addictive properties, they should not be street legal. 

Post GS cookie overload, we tried to get back on track with fruit and veggie consumption, and I found sweet potatoes in bulk at Sam's Club. Score!

We also did some recovery studying. That means my daughter walks on my back while I quiz her on Alabama history. 

Workout wrap-up

Monday: rest, foam roll.
Tuesday: rest, foam roll, massage appointment that I scheduled last month. I had high hopes for that appointment, but the masseuse sent me an email that morning saying they were at a new address. When I went to the new address as directed, no one was there. Turns out that will be the new address as of Friday -- information that would have been useful in the email. Instead of rescheduling me, he said he had time to do my appointment, but only gave me 40 minutes of a 60-minute massage. So annoying! 
Wednesday: circuit with a trainer (my gym friend Diane invited me to tag along) and an easy 2 miles.
Thursday: rest, chiropractor appointment. He worked a lot on my feet. So my chiropractor adjusts feet too. 
Friday: weight training with the trainer and 5 miles, including 2 miles of fartleks. 

Plus they got new treadmills at the gym. Treadmills that function = worthy of super high eyebrow raise. 

Notice the contrast between my shirt and the treadmills. Dirt, hills, freedom, treadmill. One of these things is not like the others. You do watcha gotta do. 

Creed tested out the old one, and he concurs that it will get you nowhere.

Saturday: 6 fun miles at Red Mountain Park. It was even snowing a tiny bit during this run. Obviously, it wasn't sticking, but I loved running in the snow.

Afterwards, we hit The Chili Cook-off for the Exceptional Foundation.

The gym trio (Lara, Diane, and Lisa) with our families.

I discovered that chili hits the spot for recovery fuel on a cold day. This event is huge! If you live in Birmingham, this is a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon supporting a good cause and having a blast. All the chili (and toppings) you can eat is included in admission, and they have live music and activities for kids. Adult tickets are $10, and kids 12 and under get in free.

And last but most exciting, I went to the drawing for the Southeastern Trail Series on Friday night, and somehow I won an entry into the entire trail series, which is seven races over seven months. I'm super excited, and I think my legs will appreciate the break from road pounding. There's even a three-day stage race in there, which is the scariest/coolest to me.

David Tosch (the race director and awesome ultra runner) and me. Photo by mRuns.

What was the best thing that happened to you this weekend? For me, most definitely winning the entry into the Southeastern Trail Series.

Girl Scout cookies: love or shrug shoulders at them? If love, which ones are your favorite? Thin Mints and Samoas!

How do you get over a dessert binge? Along with the Girl Scout cookies, we had Tim Tams that our friend brought us from his trip to Thailand. Those things are almost harder to resist than GS cookies. Have you tried/heard of Tim Tams?