March 26, 2013

Goodbye, road trip. Hello, runner yoga.

After six interstate wrecks, a two-hour Ikea stop, and 801 and a half (approximately) tacos from the Bell, we made it home to sink into our cozy beds after nine days away. Your bed will always feel better if you leave it for nine days. Unless it doesn't. 

Road tripping with my four kiddos (solo parent because my husband stayed behind to work, which we were all equally sad about) was nonstop adventure, but I pretty much gave up on sticking with clean-ish eating after a few days. I made good choices when it was easy to do, but there were lots of times when it wasn't. 

This snack of brown rice cakes, cashew butter and bananas saved me from scarfing entire bags of Cool Ranch Doritos on more than one occasion. It was easy to pack the rice cakes and cashew butter too. The bananas are smush-prone (not in the Jersey Shore way), so you have to be a little more careful with them. Plus you have to have access to some kind of utensil. This snack is sounding more and more high maintenance, but I still consider it a pretty easy, filling snack for road tripping. 

Somehow we only ate green vegetables one day out of the nine. We should have just bartered for this wagonload of cabbage (??) while we had the chance, at our first interstate exit stop in Florida. Do you think they would trade stepped-on Craisins and backwashed water? 

On the way back, we could have offered a forgotten plastic bag of soiled clothes. Tip: if your kid pees their pants on your road trip and you place those dirty drawers in a plastic grocery sack, try and keep track of that bag so you don't vomit three days later when you rediscover it. 

There was that one time the kids ate carrots, so all hope of ingesting some of nutrients was not lost. 

To make up for the unintentional veggie fast, I headed to the store today to get some essentials. You can't really tell from this picture, but there are a lot of green veggies stacked in the cart. And eggs are $.99 at our Target, so I stocked up even though we have another 36 already in our refrigerator. Not exaggerating on that one. We high roll with some eggs.

On my last few trips to the Super Target, I've been getting these coupons, which I'm super excited about using. I don't buy a ton of food at Target, but they'll sometimes have some produce and other items that are convenient to buy when I'm picking up some other non-food items. And now that they are five minutes from my house, this will be even handier. Usually I get the coupons for diaper rash cream and pregnancy tests, so I really feel like I'm moving up in the Target direct marketing world. 

Side note: calling all botanists, poison ivy or not poison ivy? I found these along a path we hiked in Florida. This was right before I got swarmed by a wicked gang of mosquitoes. Turns out that no matter what you do to protect yourself in Florida, you will leave with a rash. And that is not a college spring break joke. 

Also, I basically took the entire week off of running and traditional exercise. After the trail marathon that I ran the day after we arrived, I was ready to just relax and enjoy all of the minutes with family and friends. Though I did go play soccer with my old league one night, and that almost made a real tear well up for how much I miss them and soccer. And the sprinting killed me. I should just play soccer for my speedwork from now on. It's like a million fartleks in a row, but cooler. 

After the break, I'm feeling much more ready to hit the skreets with my sneaks again. I went for a sixer on the new treadmills with my running buddies. Yes, we often do group treadmill runs, and yes, I often almost fall off trying to turn my head to talk to someone. 

Then, bonus, I made it to yoga class tonight at the new Resolute Running Center

Kevin the yoga master (he's the bearded one in case you are bad at guessing) and his yogis. 
Yoga is pretty much a fail-proof way for me to have a better day, and this class is specifically designed for runners. Yoga for runners is a lot like yoga for non-runners, but with a focus on stretching the typical runner trouble spots and with an instructor who is a runner and can help connect your yoga practice with your running obsession. Plus, he has a really cool beard. Look into trying a class if you're local!

Also, if you're in Birmingham, check out the Trail Running Festival at Ruffner Mountain on April 27th.  This one is cool because it has a 5K, 10K, 15K and 8-hour option, and all the races are the same price -- $30. If you're like me and decide races on best value of dollar spent per miles ran, you would definitely pick the 8-hour option. 

Who here has run eight hours before? I am giving you a very solid e-high-five right now. Seriously, you are awesome. 

How do you fit in more veggies on a road trip? 

Is yoga a yes or no for you? Which poses are your favorite to stretch weary running legs? A huge yes for me, and pigeon is definitely my favorite pose for my runner legs. And I also love triangle pose.

Do you ever buy groceries at Target? What do you get coupons for? Please say adult diapers.