March 22, 2013

Internet fast and Oiselle sales

Internet! We finally have access again because we are staying with a friend for a couple of days in Jacksonville, FL. I'm not sure if it was living without the internet at my mom's place or that it's a 55+ community that spurred my irrepressible desire to crochet nonstop. Remember these dishcloths that I was making. It only took me a hundred tries to finally figure them out, but now I'm mass producing them. By mass producing them, I mean that I made two.

Crocheting is like my new running, only less cardiovascularly challenging. The kids have gotten their heart pumping every day by swimming in freezing water. Yes, the sun decided to disappear for our spring break. Not cool, sun.

My kids and my mom on the way to the cold pool.

Chasing frogs has been a big thing too. Come here, little dude.

Little froggy's got big jumps. 

And obvs we had to visit some old friends, like the teachers at my kids' Florida charter school. This school is based on a platform of exercise and healthy eating to help kids focus better in the classroom. My kids miss them and their daily morning yoga so much.

The kids also miss playing with their old neighborhood buddies. The hour of playing with these guys was like giving them an early Christmas. 

While they visited with friendlets, I went to this store that carries Oiselle. Because we don't have a store that carries Oiselle in my hometown, I love to come here and check out the new line in person. My very favorite new thing is this mesh tank. I couldn't tell from the online pics that it is 100% mesh, but it is. And I'm convinced that this is the one tank I need (OK, really, really want -- but same, same) for this summer!

And while I'm loving on Oiselle, check out this sale they are having on The Clymb for the next couple of days. They have this fly shirt that my ultramarathoner friend Olivia is wearing. 

Plus they have my favorite distance shorts and the stripy shirt below that was my winter uniform. I'm going to order the gray one they have available. I order this shirt one size smaller than normal for a better fit for me. In case you are considering that. 

And I had to draw a new name for the Tranquility Trail Run giveaway. The new winner was #12 (via Congrats, Mekelle! I'll email you with info. 

Do you have a spring break? Will you travel for your break or take it easy on the home front?

What's the longest you've been without the internet recently? My mom hasn't had the internet for a couple of years, and she has survived it. It can be done, people. Not easily though.