March 5, 2013

Rainy day optimism

Do you guys remember Kid President? And his pep talk? It's the pep talk I watched the morning of Mercedes Marathon, so I'm saying it works. Well, today I watched the story behind Kid President, and I have to say it made me love him even more. I've wondered who this kid is and if he's being scripted for the videos. Do kids that young even know what Space Jam is? But after watching his back story, his optimism is even more contagious. And we share similar viewpoints on freestyle dancing.

So in an effort to combat the rainy, gross weather from today and be more optimistic, like Kid President, I'm going to look at some of the happy things from this week.

1. Getting back on track with eating clean-ish. I have so much more energy when I'm not eating cookies every day, and I can actually fall asleep at a normal time. But I currently have teenage-style acne on my face and am 100% blaming that on the gross food I ate after Mt. Cheaha. Dang you, junk food!

Boiled eggs go with everything.

Purple sweet potatoes -- my first time trying them, and I approve.  

2. At least we had one day of warm weather that was perfect for playing outside with our cousins. 

3. Half off sales and bright colors.

4. A Target opening up five minutes from my house. Grand opening, baby!

Here are some socks I recently found on sale at Target. 

I'm hoping they work well for running because they were much cheaper than the Asics I normally buy. 

5. A Runnerbox in the mail, sent as a congratulatory present for my BQ. After getting this package in the mail, I am 100% converted to sending Runnerboxes as a present to any runner. It was so exciting to discover all these goodies in my mailbox, and there are even more treats hidden in there that didn't fit in the photo frame. I can't wait to try Picky Bars, developed by my Oiselle teammate Lauren Fleshman

6. Holy cow, Lauren Fleshman is officially on the same running team as me. That is freaking cool.

7. After over a year of no crocheting, I started this project today. They're dish clothes for teacher/friend presents. Even more important, they're a very simple project for someone who is feeling pretty rusty with their crochet skills. 


Have you ever tried or heard of purple sweet potatoes? They taste very similar to the regular ones and made a great night-before-racing supper.

Do you have any crafting hobbies? I love how methodical crocheting is. It's quite therapeutic when you're feeling stressed. In general, I am pretty uncrafty.

Have you ever tried Target socks for running? Or their running clothes? Thumbs up or down?