March 7, 2013

Thrift store Thursday and a guest post

My friend Hanna at Bouffe e Bambini just had a baby (super congrats!), so I wrote a guest post for her today. Check it out here. It's more about life and less about running.

And I have a little thrift store inspirational story to share. Cue the concerto. 

Once I was looking for some cleats for my daughter and found some at Target for $20, but they were one size too big so I was going to have to perform an exchange. The very next day I found the exact same pair of cleats at the thrift store for $2, in the right size. I believe in the magic of thrift store shopping. 

Today's my turn to teach in our preschool co-op, so I'll be quizzing kids on the alphabet and building playdough castles all day and taking an official rest/for-real-do-no-exercise day. And it makes me incredibly happy. 

Have you taken a rest day this week? Forced or chosen?

Do you or your kids play soccer? I've probably mentioned this one million times here, but I am obsessed with soccer and am definitely at the stage in life of attempting to convince my kids that it is the coolest sport in existence (sorry, running).

*Don't forget that tomorrow is the last day for the Cheribundi (recovery tart cherry juice) giveaway. Enter to win a case of it here