March 19, 2013

Trail race giveaway winner and what the mannequin

All of my vacation posting has to be accomplished from my phone for now, so there won't be much of that going down. I am almost 100% against all typing on my phone. It's really a creativity buster, but I owe some of you Alabamians a winner for the giveaway, so necessity dictated this phone post.

The winner (chosen via was #2 John, who asked that if he won I spread the love to the next person under him (because he already had a race that weekend). So that means Kristie won! Congrats! Email me, and I'll connect you with David Tosch, the race director, to get you signed up. I'm totally clueless on how to link up on this mobile app, but if you are looking to run some races around Birmingham, check out the Southeastern Trail Series that is designed to prep you for your first 50k by the end of the series. Or you can hit the longer distance options at each race if you have already upped your trail mileage.

And for the masses (positive thinking) who are dying to know what I'm doing on vacation, here are some snippets. The scary mannequin greeted us at a thrift shop entrance. I laughed and cried a little. And I am taking a post-race eating plan break, which means chowing down at my favorite ice cream shop.