April 1, 2013

Never say never about falling

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My sister is here! She drove all the way for LA to visit us for her spring break, which means that all the spare moments I have are being spent rolling around on the floor laugh-crying, hitting the thrift shops for some more flatfooting shoes, rewriting the lyrics to rap songs, and bringing it on the dusty dance floor at Gip's juke joint. 

'Bout to bring it at Gip's

Rewind to 4:45 a.m. Saturday morning, when I was just waking up to get prepped for my long run. I was feeling full of that fresh hope that waking up before daylight brings. If a ninja had whirled a shooting star at me in that moment, I would have caught it in my teeth, or at least stepped out of the way. Fast forward a couple of hours later, halfway into my mileage, cruising along the Lakeshore Trail. We started talking about some of our more glorious moments of biting the dirt on trails. For some reason, I thought it was appropriate to declare at that moment that I don't ever fall when I'm road running. So obviously the universe required that I must fall immediately after saying that. 

Tip to self: never say never while running

There was no smooth rollout, more of a superman skid face (or knee) first onto pavement. It really didn't hurt or seem like it would be too terribly awful at the time, but by the time we got to the end of the trail, it was a bloody mess (said like the Brits). And, no surprise that I could finish our 15 miles no problem, but now every time I even bend my leg, I want to cry like a tiny baby. 

Saturday morning running crew: Michael, Lisa and Jeremy.

My advice is to definitely save your falls for trail running because they are most likely to hurt significantly less. Something about hard pavement and smushy flesh does not mix. 

But we had too many weekend plans to let a knee skid slow us down. Immediately after my ice bath, I had to get ready to hunt some eggs at Phelan Park. 

My kids thought their baby cousin was ten times cooler than the egg hunt, and they really liked the egg hunt. 

We also had a picnic at the park. I made some zucchini bread for the kids with this Whole Foods recipe

And they made themselves turkey, cheese (one small chunk), and chia seed sandwiches -- plus ate them. I'm gonna go ahead and quit parenting now because, based only on this sandwich, my job is totally done here. 

But I would like a few more years of staring into these little faces. 

Yes, one of those faces is my niece, but I'll be spending the next few days staring into it too.

Happy Easter, everyone!

Chia seeds on sandwiches -- have you ever tried it? 

What was your last big running fail? Saying that I never fall during road running.

Did you get to witness any Easter egg hunts this year? My favorite part is watching the different hunting styles. The twins pick up an egg and spend three minutes assessing it, while my older son blazes through like it's his final kick in a race. 


  1. I felt right at home with the British tone of this post! Nice bit of UK swearing ;)

    I haven't fallen yet but I DO know how you feel. In the UK, in Feb, I told my mother-in-law (maybe a tad smugly) that the Dude had never yet had one of those enormous, snotty, teary, floor-thumping tantrums in public. Seriously, two days later, in M&S (mecca of British shopping) he did just that in front of her and she just looked at me as if to say 'Really?'. Could have died.

    The Dude has been OBSESSED with egg hunts this year. He lays them out around our house on an hourly basis and we all have to join in using kitchen utensil holders. It's been a joy!

  2. Your family picture is super cute!
    I've fallen several times running - I'm a total Klutz!!
    The worst was my first run (more like slow jog) after having my first child - I totally biffed it and had to hobble home with blood everywhere - it took my husband hours to pick all the rocks and gravel out of my knees!! Good times!

  3. This was just too funny. Falling on flat pavement comes with age and I think you are year older this week? Where did you find the heels, sister's or hubby's?

  4. Oh don't use up too much of the cheese on that sammy! :) Adorable. I love the family photo too. Have fun with the sis-I miss mine like CRAZY!

  5. Oh man! You biffed it! And it was witnessed. Well, at least you got it out of the way. Your kids are adorable and I think you are done parenting too....bahahahaha
    If only they didn't turn into teenagers.

  6. I've never fallen on the road while running either but that's s damn miracle. I'm kind of a clutz.
    Looks like you had a wonderful Easter!

  7. Aw, you and your sister look a lot alike!

    Your knee looks painful! I just fail on the trail last week, but like you said, the trails don't hurt much. Skinned knees are the worst though, especially when your soap and shampoo get to it, in the shower!

    I put Chia Seeds on everything! :)

  8. I once stepped on a rock, going downhill, on a turn/blind curve (you know where Argyle meets 24th st/Pawnee/Montclair. Sprained my ankle and took a little chunk of bone off the foot. Fortunately the friend I was running with had sense enough to drag me to the curb before attending to my wounds! Oh and my dog was with us too and he never left my side, even when the leash was forgotten about. That's a scary curve with all 4 limbs intact... Anyway... Ouch!

  9. Ouch! And I'm never going to say I never fall on roads now, just in case. I fell in a recent trail run - tripped on a tree root and skidded for about a couple of metres on my outstretched palms and knees - must have looked funny!
    Awesome family photo!

  10. Topped my cereal with chia seeds yesterday. Pinned the zucchini bread recipe. I usually bake banana bread, but I like zucchini bread, too. I hate falling. I hope you heal quickly!

  11. Love your family Easter picture. I like to throw chia seeds into my veggie and egg scrambles, but will have to try on a sandwich.

    Ouch for your leg. My worst running fall was in the first 2 miles of a planned 18 mile run while vacationing in Telluride. I was running through their cute downtown at 6 in the morning, had the place to myself and completey bit it on an uneven sidewalk. Tore up my knee, elbow and hip bone (don't know how the hip bone hit), but the worst was tearing a huge hole in my brand new Athleta running shirt (and those things aren't cheap!).

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  13. Sorry about the nose dive:( No fun. I have fallen a couple times while hiking and since I was only hiking, there was no damage. I won't say I have never fallen while running because I know it will happen tomorrow if I do;) Hope you feel better:)

  14. I fell while running with my academic adviser once. So embarrassing. It still makes me cringe to think about it... and it was last summer!

  15. Aw, love the sisters picture and the matching girl cousins picture, too! I can fall WALKING but fortunately it hasn't happened for a long time. And of course since I figure skate I fall on a regular basis, it's part of the deal. No gravel, though, luckily.

  16. Best family photo ever! Definite Christmas card contender :). The last time I fell, I was trail running in AZ. There the big danger is falling into a cactus I guess. And snakes. Needless to say I did a lot of road running after that. Hope you have lots of fun with your sister!

  17. My last big fall was during and snow day in NC, which rarely happen. The road was icy and being the true Canadian I am I decided ice was not as tough as me. Wrong. LOL!! I felt and scraped my knee. I LOVE YOUR FAMILY PICTURE!!!! It is perfect and very much the way my family does it too. Chia seeds are awesome and I eat them in and on a lot of things. I am waiting for the chia pet to grow in my belly. LOL!!

  18. I haven't yet fallen while running...let's hope it stays that way! Hope your knee feels better soon! Your fam pic is the cutest thing ever. You must be the most fun mom in the world!

    1. Ok, now that is impressive that you've never fallen while running!

  19. I love your Easter family picture!


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