May 18, 2013

Endurance: it requires a pair

This has been a blast of a week for running. Coming from someone who trains a lot indoors out of babysitting necessity, getting to run four of my five runs outside was just a notch below a Christmas miracle. It helps that I am now working with the Run Club at Life Time Fitness (message me if you want to join us -- you don't have to be a member to run with us!), and that gives me a bonus outdoor run. 

Also shout out to my husband for generously gaining flexibility with his morning schedule so that I can fit in one extra trail run per week on Thursday mornings. See, he has always been the morning person in this relationship. Always. And I have always been the night person. Always. So when I started running and wanting to wake up early to run, it threw off ten years of built-up, perfectly balanced, morning ritual marriage chi that we had carefully crafted. Plus, mornings are the only time he can fit the gym into his schedule. So I'm just putting it out there that I know it's a sacrifice, and I really super huge appreciate it. 

Here's some of the group that I've run some trails with on Thursday mornings.

And yes (mentally add all caps, bold, and a million exclamation points), that's my brother on the far left. Did I mention that he's baaaaack? Did you know he left? Well, probably not. He injured his foot while climbing and has been trying to let it heal. He ran 14 miles with me today, including a second place overall finish at the Spring Scramble 5K after we already ran 11 miles. That kid is burning up the streets of B'ham.

While he's been on a running spree, I've been on a falling spree. I fell on Tuesday night tripping over a metal barrier on our Life Time run and scraped up my left hand. Afterwards, I mentioned to someone that I've only been falling on road runs lately, not trail runs. So the universe had to rectify that situation by providing a giant fall at the above Thursday morning trail run, where I busted my right hand and reinserted some dirt into my already existing left-hand wounds.   

I didn't notice it was cut until I was almost finished with the run. These were the first wounds that I've ever scraped dirt and rocks out of, and it was pretty painful. Not sure it was worth the effort, by which I mean extreme pain. I always wash my cuts, but I don't usually try to scrape stuff out of them. What do you think -- do you have to scrape the rocks and dirt out, or will your body just work that out on its own eventually? 

And this is the part of this post where I almost inserted a picture of food. My only official self-imposed blog rule is not to post pictures of food beside pictures of bloody hand gashes. Phew, that was a close one.

Instead, here's a pic of the oldest donkey I know, Seymour, chilling on my in-laws' farm. So I don't really know that many donkeys, but this dude just exudes ancientness.

Distraction over. So this coming week, I'm looking forward to a lot of things.

Things I am officially stoked about

A. Not falling on a run this week (fingers crossed).

B. Trying out some FITS socks that I picked up at Alabama Outdoors a few days ago while I was getting a gift for my daughter's teacher who is running her first post-baby half marathon tomorrow. And it's a trail half marathon! Go, Racheal! We are so excited for you and wish we could be there! (add another million exclamation points)

Back to these socks. They're made with merino wool, so I'm very interested to see how they feel with the heat coming back on with a strongness. I don't usually wear wool socks for running, so these are all new to me for sure.

C. Next week is the Netflix release of Arrested Development. I know, I talk about it every day, and you just fell asleep reading about it a-freaking-gain. Every night we have an AD date before bed. Bless you, Netflix.

D. Memorial Day Trail Race on Saturday, May 25th. 12 miles of humid, hilly bliss. 

E. Book club is this week! For May, we're reading Jim the Boy by Tony Earley.

And speaking of reading, I found this ad in the Runner's World that I'm currently reading. So CW-X is maybe just not trying to push the envelope too much with this ad, but if you're going to base an ad campaign on "having a pair," it seems like your picture should not look like a lady in the crotch region. What I see in this ad: dude hands, dude legs, lady biz. 

Maybe the graphic designer for this ad is a feminist and planted a lady crotch in the ad because the ad premise is sexist. Either way, ad fail.

Has your family made any compromises to help you out with training? The whole Thursday morning run thing is just one of many. Another main one: patience with my post-long-run bathroom requirements. 

Tell me about your last big fall. Could you have avoided it? The metal bar on Tuesday night -- yes, I could have jumped higher. I have no idea what happened on the trail fall. It was not very light outside, so that was working against me. 

Ever tried FITS socks? How did you feel about them -- love, lukewarm, or I'll pass? Do you know why the name is in all caps? All caps makes a brand name kind of high maintenance.  

What are you stoked about this week? 


  1. Bag balm a little on the pricey side but worth it, it helps with the healing it will last a very long time.
    Last week was my nastiest fall, after bleeding for 3/4 of the orienteering race the medic at the finish made the bleeding stop. Minor road rash from left pinky to elbow, sprained hand (though it was my wrist 7 year old proved that wrong) knuckle is pretty messed up medic used a nice sticky iodine goo and gauze, scraped knee, scraped hip, skined right palm yeah not fun. Still sore.
    This all happened 7 blocks from the highest point value. I ran fields, mud, gravel just fine and fell on uneven slight raised asphalt which I saw acknowledged and fell over yep, why I dislike orienteering always ends in tears.

    While it depends on how deep and how jagged the rocks gravel is let the wound bleed, wash it, get the bleeding to stop, soak it, put a salve on it, watch for signs of infection, otherwise carry on.

    FITS socks is on my socks to check out list next week. Um...running buddy won $15 in free socks at a local race somebody has to go get them next week.

  2. Your poor hands! I went through a falling streak awhile back but luckily no injuries.

    I'm stoked that this week is our 4-year wedding anniversary!

    Hope you enjoy your new socks!

  3. Ouch! Hope it heals up soon - and that donkey is so cute.

  4. I fell this past Tuesday while running Rattlesnake Ridge in Oak Mtn. I was doing speed work earlier in the morning with my running group and someone had a promo code to save some $ for the race. I'm all about saving the Benjamins!

    Since I hadn't run any trails since last year's Fat Danny race I figured I should haul my carcass out for some trail practice. Half way into the run I start thinking about how easy this was going and then..... (in a move right out of the movie "Up") SQUIRRELL!!! I started taking my eye off the trail (dumb rookie mistake) and tripped over a rock in the middle of the trail. The front and side of my knee are scabby, my right arm has some trail rash, and I have a bruised rib too! Guess where I'll be Sunday morning? Right back at Rattlesnake Ridge for the Xterra Trail Half. Based on Tuesday's stellar performance I should only fall 4 times. "Glutton for punishment, this one is", says Yoda about Runner Runner!

    1. How was it? Hope you had minimal face contact with the trails!

  5. How's your Achilles? I am icing mine as I type this. It was able to hold out for an 8K yesterday, but running today? Not so much!

    1. It's better! I just keep doing all the exercises and stretches and hoping not to reirritate it.

  6. Ouch on the hand!
    Hooray for getting outside to run (so cool of your husband to change up his schedule!).
    My husband is pretty good about going to work late on days I want to do super long runs (he takes the boys to school those days so I can get an earlier start!).

  7. I had one of these falls once, the gravel is still inside the palm of my hand, I can still see it. I did my best to remove it, but some of it was too deep and I didn't bother. It's been over 15 years, so I think I'll live.

    That donkey is looking like a wiz-ass. I have a picture of one on my wall, that's the closest I'll come to pet one. Maybe I should go to the donkey sanctuary to visit them someday. I love donkeys!

    I never heard of those socks. I tend to stick with what works and not try new things very often, I don't know, must be a Virgo thing.

    I am stoked about an extra weekend day! Not that I have a job to go back to, on a month of non employment now, but having my loved ones around makes my world brighter.

    I was thinking about the fall on Thursday morning, my husband often jokes about me (and we all know that all jokes are at least half true) not being awake enough since I'm not a morning person. I once wrecked our car early in the morning backing out of the garage with the door open. This may explain it... so take double care on those early runs and if you don't drink coffee, you may need to start.

    1. 15 years?! I just imagined that it would eventually work its way to the top of the skin. Sounds like not really.

      And I like your early morning theory. Definitely not at my best at 5:15 a.m.!

  8. I laughed so hard about that ad. Oh man, ads gone wrong. I have some smart wool socks and are assuming they have wool due to the name....I like them, they don't feel too hot and are good at wicking. I fell trail running in Arizona and almost slid into a cactus. I stopped trail running in AZ after that. I am kind of a wuss.

    1. Cactus -- no thanks! And of all things we could call you, wuss would not be one of them!

  9. When I crash and burn my lack of balance means I don't catch myself and end up totally scraped all over, not just hands.
    Holy crap your commentary on that ad is so true and so funny!

  10. Ouchie, I bet your hand burns when you try to shampoo your hair.

    Well if you makes you feel better, I broke my thumb on my bike ride yesterday, which was my 5 year marathoniversary. :( Not happy about it.

    1. I'm so sorry about your thumb. It looked seriously painful!

  11. Those sexist ads make me so annoyed. It reminds me of this brilliant blog post when a cycling blogger responded to a horrifically sexist ad in a cycling magazine, I couldn't stop laughing.

    Haven't fallen down running yet...but the day will come!

    1. Oh my gosh, I love it! Thank you times ten for linking that!


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