May 14, 2013

Fresh pork, darkest-dark chocolate, and my Survivor application

We're back from Old Kentucky, and the kids are already planning their next trip up, which they are hoping to take tomorrow or, at the latest, the next day. 

Rest stop at the AL state line.

This dude got down in the kitchen and made a gluten-, sugar-, and dairy-free meal for Mom's Day. I was so darn excited about it!

He even made some kefir/cocoa/pistachio/honey popsicles. These are the kind of thing that only taste amazing to you if you haven't been eating regular ice cream lately, and it turns out that I had been doing that this weekend because if Banana Pudding Blue Bell ice cream is near my face, I will eat it. Plus it was vacation. So when I tried the homemade pops on Sunday night, not as delicious (day one after refined sugar fest), but by Monday (day two of no refined sugar), they were already starting to taste amazing to me. So I guess the point of that is, I'm always surprised by how real food tastes so much better when you aren't eating as many fake food/food-like products. 

The rest of the meal was ground pork, corn tortillas, sautéed peppers and apples (amazing combo that I have never considered), homemade bean salsa, and avocado. The pork is fresh from a slaughtered pig (sorry for the visualization for you vegetarians/vegans out there) that my husband's brother has access to as an employee at a pig improvement company. His job, which I'm sure I'm butchering (pun slightly intended), is to find the leanest, fastest-growing pigs and bring them together to procreate more lean and fast-growing pigs. But all you really need to know is that fresh pork tastes amazing, especially the bacon that we had last night. No wonder so many people tried the Atkins diet

Even though we started dinner at the table, I had to take my plate to the TV zone to watch the season finale of Survivor. So one million years later, and this show never gets old to me. I want to live it. So I looked up applying that night, and there was Probst's face calling me to duty. 

Seriously, I think I'm going to apply. Because it is the longest shot in the universe that I get in, I'm not going to worry about who will take care of my four kids for 39 days while I'm out winning. But wait a second, for real, what do people do with their kids while they're on Survivor?

Other things I'm looking forward to this week: testing these Feetures socks that I got in the mail yesterday. The bright colors are speaking to me.

Next thing I'm testing: a million bars of dark chocolate that I purchased at Publix last night. I use dark chocolate to ease the pain of other cravings. A bar of this can last a really long time because it satisfies a craving without eating a huge portion, whereas with Blue Bell, I need to eat the whole container to feel happy. At one point, chocolate this dark just tasted like dirt to me, but (refer to paragraph three above) as my taste buds are slowly moving away from more sugariness, the darkest-dark chocolate has become my favorite.

Have you ever had fresh meat? We've also had fresh beef from my in-laws' farm, and it is really delicious too. It is always much leaner than anything I buy at the supermarket.

Any fans of Feetures socks out there? This is my first time trying them, but I've seen them for sale locally too (at Alabama Outdoors).

What's the darkest chocolate you've ever tried? And tell me your favorite dark chocolate brands so I can test them! I've tried cocoa nibs, which are 100%. Pretty bitter, but I still liked them. Also, I really like the Trader Joe's The Dark Chocolate Lover's Chocolate Bar. It's 85%.

If you could be on any show, what would it be? Definitely Survivor. Or Amazing Race. Or any show where they throw you in the middle of some weirdo scenario and ask you to try and beat each other. Or I'd like a cameo in Arrested Development -- waiting very impatiently for May 26th.