May 31, 2013

Is gluten-free eating just a fad? And other stuff.

My gym running partners would agree that this whole work thing is really messing up my schedule. And it's not that I work that many hours, although I am up to almost 15/week. But by the time you get four kids ready to go to work with you, then come back, then juggle them in the air while you do a million other things, time evaporates. So when it looks like I'm taking a blog break, I'm just running around crazy with my new job and the kidlets, who have been out of school for a full week already. Time to make our giant list of things we want to do this summer. On the top of the list is our road trip to California. AL to LA, for sheezy. 

Also time to play catch up with y'all. 

1. I had some really fun runs this week, including an early Monday morning group run thanks to Memorial Day. For me, one good way to remember those who died serving our country is to make the best of each new day and appreciate our sometimes fleeting lives. 

We used the gravel-y trails around our local Veterans Park for this run. I never run with this group because a) they are running superheroes who intimidate me and b) it's not on a convenient morning for me to leave for a run, but it was cool to see what they are up to on Monday mornings and get worked over for a run. Red face plus salty temples = quality run. 

Then my Thursday morning group gave me a solid workout too. Minus the spider webs wrapping my face up like a Christmas present and the couple of giant roll outs, where I trip and roll completely off the trail into the fluffy trailside bed of inviting poison ivy, it was a great start to the morning. 

2. A lot of recent food trial and error. 

Error. So you definitely are supposed to turn off the burner before you hear your boiled eggs popping. Just a super helpful tip for y'all. And, yes, I've made this mistake before. 

To balance it out I created this deliciousness from fridge scraps. Fridge scraps are all of the leftover about-to-go-bad foods in your fridge. Sometimes they work together to become a delicious lunch. This dish includes previously cooked rice/quinoa, red peppers, already chopped onions, and a handful of mushrooms. The only topping was salt, and I loved it so much I could hug it. 

For the most part, I've been sticking with no gluten, no processed sugar, and no dairy. Minus a dinner out with my husband last night and minus my son's 8th birthday. Turns out that eating all three (dairy, gluten and sugar) in one meal when you've been avoiding them, will guaranteed put you in a food coma. And your pipes will suffer. Not the vocal ones. 

My nephew wrote something recently about how he thinks going on a gluten-free diet is just a fad that people are following. To paraphrase, he feels like even though some people are really allergic to gluten, for most people it's just not necessary and that they are just doing it because of crowd influence. What do you think? I do think that marketers are trying to target that population at the store because they can charge more for gluten-free products, but I rarely buy those. Gluten-free pancake mix is just some type of rice flour mix that I can make at home. Our blender will even make flour out of rice for us. Bonus: I just learned how to make rice milk. Thank you, internet. 

3. My son and number two child turned 8! 

We celebrated with cheesecake. 

And roller skating on grass.

4. I recertified for CPR this week. The more I do this certification, the more it feels natural to go through the steps. Hopefully it would feel that way in a real emergency as well. 

 If you are interested in certifying, here's info for Red Cross CPR certification in your area.

5. A lot of people ask me how I tell the twins apart. Here's the answer.

Those are strictly Twin B faces. Plus, he's the only one who wears a measuring tape as a necklace-scarf.

 6. I was cleaning out my emails and remembered this rad moment when Bart Yasso followed me on Twitter. Running life complete. The only thing is that I wish his legs were stronger.


In case you were looking for the winners to be posted for Color Me Rad, I posted them on Facebook and let the winners know directly.

Thanks to everyone who entered and to Color Me Rad for providing the entries and swag!


Do you think gluten-free eating is a fad for those without Celiac disease? I really want to hear all your pros and cons on this one.

Are you CPR certified? Why did you get certified? 

When do you relax your normal eating habits? Definitely for birthdays and sometimes when I'm eating out, which I don't do that often these days.

Are you running this weekend? I am! Rockin' Choccolocco 50K is tomorrow. I need all the luck you can wish me.