May 24, 2013

Spring Scramble 5K 2013

The Spring Scramble 5K is an annual fundraiser for our local children's hospital, Children's of Alabama. Our pediatric dentist is based out of the children's hospital, so we visit the hospital at least twice a year. We also had a pretty severe arm break a couple of years ago that they took care of for us.

Look away now if crooked arms bother you.

It was a sad day, but the staff at Children's was fabulous. Some awesome things about our visit: 1) they have free valet parking for the ER so that you can drop everything and be with your child, 2) we got in immediately -- zero wait, 3) the doctors and nurses were all great with kids, joking with them to take away their (and my) fear, 4) everything was kid sized -- last time we had an arm break, the hospital we went to only had a giant brace for the toddler arm and and an adult-sized sling. 

The whole broken arm thing didn't keep him down. 

Yes, you're right. The twins do have mohawks growing out into mullets in this picture. 

So when I say that I love Children's of Alabama, I'm for serious.

This race was held to raise funds for Children's Center for Weight Management. Here's a little more info from the race site:
The Spring Scramble 5K is the UAB Pediatric Residency Program’s annual community outreach opportunity to recognize and educate about a very important health issue, childhood obesity. We are excited and honored to help support the Children’s of Alabama’s very own Center for Weight Management with this event. Through our fundraising efforts, we hope to be able to provide equipment, educational materials, and camp scholarships for the children participating in the Center for Weight Management. Please visit the Children's Center for Weight Management website to learn more about this wonderful resource for childhood obesity.
The race itself was fun too, a flat and fast run around Homewood, AL. We registered that morning after hauling it through an early morning rainstorm to fit in 11 miles before the race.

After a very wet 11-mile run.

Luckily, the weather cleared for the 5K, and I brought extra shoes. Dry socks, shoes, and a shirt never felt so luxurious. Why did I not think of bringing dry shorts? Would have been nice to not feel like I peed my pants before I even started the race.

Jimmy is modeling the race tech shirt. Really nice for a 5K!

Before the race, I told Jimmy to go for it and not to worry about running with me. So most of the race I was by myself in the struggle zone. This was my first speedwork in a few weeks because I had skipped several sessions due to my sore Achilles. My calves felt crampy in the first mile, so I slowed down and slowed down and slowed down some more. Every mile got a little slower: 7:04, 7:47, 7:57. I really hoped that I could stick with the speed of my first mile, but by the end, I was just barely hanging on for a sub-8. My final time was something like 23:56. And Jimmy came in second place overall. Go, bro!

During my last mile, my new friend Jeff Jones was nice enough to run with me to the finish. If you're reading this, thank you so much! Even though I didn't want my brother to feel like he had to wait on me, it's always nice to have a partner in pain. Although Jeff seemed like he was not in as much pain as me. My first clue was that he could talk easily, while I could only grunt one-syllable responses. Not my most conversationalist moment, but it was still fun.

Also fun: the stroller parking at the finish line. I love that this event was super kid friendly!

And this little guy was just practicing running over the finish line again and again and again. All business in his red velcro kicks.

Another best part of this race: smoothies!!!! Smoothie King brought over smoothies for the post-race refreshments. I had at least three.

They also had a ton of door prizes to give out: gift certificates, prize packs, gym memberships.

And a gift certificate (or two) for some shoes from Mountain High Outfitters. I was really jealous of the dude who won these. 

Plus they handed out some actually useful swag at packet pick-up. I will be using all of this. I already used those mints to pay for some toddler chores this morning. 

Summary: Bring the whole family out to this race to support a great cause. They really do a great job with the after-party refreshments. And tech shirts for a 5K?! Awesome.


  1. You did great! Congratulations! So many goodies at the race - it looked like a lot of fun. Hope your little guy heals quickly!

  2. That sounds like so much fun and for a great cause:) Way to push yourself through speedwork after that 11 miler!

  3. I love that your kids go to so many of your races!!
    And great job for both you and your brother!!!

  4. Awesome job!!!! Sounds like a great race.

  5. This seems like a really fun race. Smoothies are the best after running. I miss that about running in AZ. There always seemed to be smoothies at the end of races out there. In IL they just have water. Gah the nerve. I ran a 5k today- I was kind of confused about the whole thing after running the marathons. I was like wait, it's over. That's it. Oh it is so nice to be done in such a short amount of time and have energy for the rest of the day. Weird. I am thinking I need some shorter races on my race calender :). Fantastic time by the way!

  6. Nice work! 5K's are harder to me than marathons, LOL!

  7. "Last time we had an arm break"..... you sound like the mom of multiple active little ones! BTDT, we had broken arms, nursemaid's elbow, various stitches, the things you get with three boys. There was the time the ped just wanted to put my son in a splint for his broken arm– until I pointed out that he'd already hit his brother with the splinted arm. The plan was quickly changed to a cast (perhaps even more effective for hitting brothers, but with less damage to the arm in the process). Seriously, though, it is very important, even life-saving, to have an ER that has tools and equipment that is properly sized for children. Children's Hospitals are a great community resource.

  8. Ouch, that first picture gave me some serious goose bumps! I've never broken a bone and pray to God I never do. That's probably the best packet I've seen, you can use everything they gave you!

  9. Looks like a blast! Very fast!

  10. I remember being his age and breaking my arm...cast in the summertime = sucky :(
    What a great swag bag...and very useful items!


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