June 12, 2013

A farm wedding and family camping

In accordance with my taking-a-break-from-running plan, we spent the weekend relaxing with our family in KY. I packed my running shoes on the off chance that someone begged me to run with them. By begged, I mean casually mentioned at any point during our stay. Because no one even hinted at wanting to run, I kept those shoes packed snug at the bottom of my suitcase, hugged tight by running clothes that never saw any play time either.

My husband grew up in a small Kentucky town on a dairy (plus lots of other things) farm, which just happens to be every kid's dream come true to visit. If you have farming grandparents, you know what I'm talking about. What kid doesn't want to explore endless farm nooks and crannies outside all day long? There are ropes to swing on, cows to stare at you, eggs to collect, berries to pick, pond fish to stir up, and 50 cousins to take you in all directions at once. 

On our first night there, we were greeted by a cousin who just happened to wear the matching outfit to one of the twins. Move over, birth twin, and make room for my Angry Birds twin.

There was even more farm action this weekend because one of our nephews (who interestingly is also a twin) got married this weekend. Their wedding was underneath the spring green of the massively beautiful willow tree.

And, no, they are not 15. Everyone who sees this picture thinks they look so young. They are mid-20s, so not old either.

I loved how simple and beautiful the wedding was. We sat on bales of hay, and the clothes line anchored an aisle of quilts. 

Later those hay bales doubled as a hop scotch course. 

I was busy shushing two not surprisingly rowdy attendants the entire ceremony. 

Then the newlyweds rode away in a carriage handmade by Uncle Dan the auctioneer (legit auctioneer, who talks so fast and Southern in a regular conversation that I don't know what he's saying 90% of the time). 

Perfect wedding, perfect opportunity to chill as a family. 

After the wedding festivities, we took our new family tent on its maiden voyage. We decided that camping on the farm would be safe and close enough to a home base in case any of the kids decided to bail. 

Other than the massive tent, we went super low maintenance camping with just a handful of blankets and borrowed arms and legs of our fellow campers for pillows.

The kids actually slept in until 8 a.m., miraculously late for them. Can we set up this tent in our living room and see if the results are the same? Some people (thumbs pointing to self) want to sleep in a day or two this summer.

After a pretty near perfect family weekend, Amory navigated through rainstorms back to Alabama while I caught up on reading. If you don't subscribe to Runner's World, you should go get the most recent edition dedicated to this year's Boston Marathon. I spent a large portion of the drive with tears rolling down my face, again devastated for but inspired by the runners and spectators in Boston this year.


The winner of the Chocolate #9 giveaway is Elle from Eat Run Sail. She shared the heck out of this giveaway, so I was excited to see all of her work net a win. Email me at yomommaruns (at) gmail.com so we can get those to you. 

Thanks to all of you for checking out the giveaway, and if you are interested in purchasing Chocolate #9, go here to buy some gels to try.

And with her giveaway comment, Wasn't Just the Wine Talking got me thinking about where chocolates 1-8 are. Seriously where?!

When was the last time you went camping? 

Have you ever been family camping as a kid or an adult? Any advice on how to simplify the load of supplies you need for camping? Please, please give me advice on this. I want to camp on a trip this summer, but I don't want to take a million things with us.

Do you subscribe to Runner's World? Or any other runner magazines?