June 24, 2013

My first time pacing a group

Finally back to training last week, I hit it hard knowing that I have vacation coming up that might force me to slack off again. 

It's been about two forevers since I posted any workout reports on here, so I thought I'd break that streak and give you the ... 

dun, dun, dun

Workout wrap-up!

Monday: yoga. Finally! I've skipped yoga for a couple of weeks, and it felt great to be back.

Tuesday: 2.5-mile run on the treadmill with my gym buddies then foam rolled. Pulled a double and ran 4.5 with the Life Time Run Club that night. 

Wednesday: workout with trainer Mike. See below. 

Thursday: early morning 4.67ish-mile trail run with these cool dudes. 

Friday: 4.11 miles of speedwork (first time in a few weeks, and if felt refreshing and HARD) plus more working out with trainer Mike (bottom middle).

Yes. we did that. But we had just done this.

And this. 

And lot of other stuff to deprive us of oxygen. 

Saturday: run with the Birmingham Track Club. I paced the 12-mile group at 9 minutes per mile. We ended up with 12.48 miles in 1:52:04, and when I typed it into my Runkeeper app, it spit out our average pace was 8:59. Bam, almost right on! Of course, because they are runners, the group was rad.

Photo by Mruns.com
Photo by Mruns.com
Photo by Mruns.com

This was my first time ever officially pacing anything other than myself. It wasn't a race or anything with PRs on the line, but it felt great to stick with a group until the end and know we had all worked hard together. Plus, did you see that Mekelle, my last year's Savannah training bud, was there?! Reunited!

Sunday: trail training. About 8 miles at Oak Mountain, following the Hotter 'N Hell course to prep for the July 27th race. The race is 9 miles (we skipped a small part) or 18, if you feel up for a double loop. If yesterday was any indication, race day will not be hotter in hell but hotter than hell. 

Breaking to wait for runners, who, we later figured out, ran in the opposite direction.

The worst hill of the bunch (below) was around mile 6. It was burning my legs up.

What was your favorite workout last week? The last three days all tie. We were definitely the goofiest at my Friday, pyramid-building workout, so that ranks high up there. 

Which one was your hardest? That trail run was pretty darn hard, especially since my legs were tired from working hard all week. Looking forward to spin class today and no pavement pounding. 


  1. Love your Pace Setter skirt! Awesome color!

  2. Thanks for being an awesome pacer and pushing me at the end. darn hills! haha. Cheers to saturday BTC runs! woot woot!

  3. I love the skirt too!

    Looks like a great week... and I always love to do yoga after being away for a while. Feels sooooo good.

  4. Great job on the pacing. I'm intrigued by it and maybe someday I could run consistently enough to do it.

  5. Thanks for the post. It's hard to pace and it sounds like you did great. The Hotter'n' Hell course is a killer. Done it a few times and get lost everytime. The hills are deadly. Hope there's no cut off. See you soon

    1. I definitely would have gotten lost if I was the leader of that pack. I thought of you today because I ordered a pair of Hokas. Excited to try them out. Just got the road version for now.

  6. Well since I have been slacking...I mean resting it is all pretty easy around here cardio wise, just a bunch of walking, but I have been lifting weights and oh my god I want to die. My whole body hurts. But I am determined to stick with it this time. Great week of workouts!!

  7. You have so many fun races down there - I like the name Hotter 'n Hell! I pace for the MN Pacers and I love it because you get to spend all that time motivating people who have drive and a goal!!!

  8. Nice to see you on Saturday. Glad you enjoyed the social as well as the pacing gig.

  9. My fave workout: yoga. I have fallen back in love with it! It's helping so much with some glute issues I've been having, and it makes me feel so calm and at peace. More yoga please!

  10. Impressed with your pacing - I think you'd make an excellent pacer and how great to be able to practise it outside a race instead of such immense pressure!! And oh the pyramid. I wish I'd been a cheerleader but we don't have them in the UK. Which is just as well as I would never have managed to be one. Not cute enough/fit enough/bendy enough/popular enough as a teen. (Or now)!


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