June 7, 2013

Quinoa-kale salad and my thrift store list

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Now on to important things like this quinoa-kale salad recipe from Runner's World that I really want to try. I feel like there is no way to mess this up. Unless you don't like kale -- then it's just messed up from the start.

At Thursday morning's fun run (remember I'm only doing them for fun right now, maybe), my friend told me that she just found a dehydrator at a yard sale for $3. I repeat, $3!!! I wonder how dehydrated kale would taste. I'm definitely into giving it (and many other dehydrated things) a shot.

The 5:30 a.m. crew for our Thursday trail run.

A dehydrator is high on my always-searching-for-at-yard-sales-and-thrift-stores list. Another thing on that list: the perfect black boots. Even though it's summer, I continue the search because it's been going ever since I retired my previous pair three years ago, so no season is too soon to find the boots. The must-haves: comfortable, leather, flat, sturdy, kind of plain. I've found a couple of pairs (not at the thrift store) that fit most of these but have heels or are slightly uncomfortable. These black b.o.c. (made by Born) boots checked all the must-have boxes, plus they only cost $4.99 and score really super high on comfort. Purchased at the Jimmie Haile Mission, for you locals. 

Another thing I'm always scoping for is mid-century modern furniture, which I love because of its oldness and straight-line-ness. You can find tons of it if you are willing to spend a fortune on it, but I'm not. So that's why I'm always looking to thrift it. I found this little white nightstand getting swallowed in the shadows of the giant mega furniture surrounding it on the thrift store's showroom floor. It was so forgotten that it didn't even have a price tag. I immediately loved it, and even though I was far from home when I found it, I knew that I had to try and smash it into the back of our station wagon for the trek home. They ended up selling it to me for $15, and once I unscrewed the legs, it fit snugly underneath, on top of, and in between our luggage.

Later, my friend sent me this to help me feel like a thrift store champion for getting sort of the same thing for a lot less cash money. If I were Steve Holt, this would be the perfect time to raise both my arms and yell, "Steve Holt!"

Have you ever tried dehydrating food on your own? What worked? What failed? 

Is there something you are always searching for but haven't found yet? I'm also currently searching for the perfect trail shoes. I decided that I'm done with the two pairs I currently have. Next up to test: Salomon Sense Mantra and the Brooks Cascadia. 

Kale? Yes, I love it, or no, I would rather jump into a swimming pool full of diarrhea pee (my kids came up with that one) than eat it?


  1. Love the boots! I am perpetually looking for the perfect pair of black boots. I don't have a dehydrator, but I have a friend that recommends the Good4U dehydrator. IDK if I'd use it. I love kale. Baby kale for juicing, curly Kale for baking/chips - and actually my daughter asks me to make it all the time!

  2. Yum on the salad! I LOVE LOVE LOVE dehydrated kale! OMG, I make the best kale chips. Seriously.

    Ok, don't kill me for putting this in your head, but here goes...I'm not sure you want to buy a used dehydrator. Here's the thing, I'm sure this is fairly rare, but my hippie friends, well, they dehydrate uh...not sure how to put this...I'll just say it...placenta. Yep. I have a couple friends that dehydrated their placenta to put in capsules so they could take them, supposed to help with postpartum. Now, for me, I wouldn't have used a used dehydrator anyway b/c I'm a vegetarian and I'm sure lots of people dehydrate meat...but that kind of meat is probably not what most people think of! EEK!

    1. Can't be unthought!:) I have heard of that before, but I haven't considered the impact on used dehydrators before now!

  3. I love kale and I'm always looking for good recipes! I'll have to check that one out!!
    I too am on the perpetual hunt for the perfect black boot. Might as well add brown boot to that list too. I can never own too many pairs of boots, especially given that I wear them about 8 months of the year. :)

  4. dehydrated kale = kale chips. Look them up. Sooo yummy./ I have a great recipe for Vegan "Cheezy" kale chips that are coated in a red pepper/cashew/nutritional yeast "sauce" then baked at a low temperature for hours and hours...but MAAAN are they yummy.

    there are tons of different recipes on pinterest

    I found my perfect black boots a while back. The Bern boot by Keen. Super comfy and very awesome.Actually - they are similar to what you found.

    1. I wonder if dehydrator vs oven makes a difference for kale chips. Since they cook up pretty fast in the oven, there's probably not a huge advantage to dehydrating them. And I never thought about sprinkling on nutritional yeast. Gotta do it!

  5. Kale in smoothies..that's it. Nasty nasty stuff.
    I LOVE those boots! I'd love to have those boots.
    I have my first pair of real trail running shoes. I'm going to try them out in the morning. Let's hope they are good!

  6. Yes to Kale. Haven't tried Kale chips yet but want too. Yes to cheap finds. I feel I am always on the hunt for perfect running shoes but isn't that every runner. Sweet boot score. Those are really cute!

  7. Thirty years ago we went on a dehydrating spree, turning farmer's market freshness into portable, store-able flakes, chips, and leathers. One day we loaded the dehydrator with onions. You know those movies where a drill sergeant throws recruits and tear-gas together and the result is a bunch of guys running out of a building with tears streaming down their faces? That was us (the weeping recruits, not the tough-guy drill sergeant). We moved the drying operations to the back yard and left for a long day at the state fair. We were a block away on our return that night when we smelled . . . onions. It got stronger as we got closer. The neighborhood REEKED of drying onion. We did the only thing we could -- we used a tarp and some random-looking debris to camouflage the source of the smell and avoided our neighbors for a few days. (I like to think we were young and our characters weren't fully developed yet.) We never dried onions again. But our next few batches of dried food TASTED like onions, despite multiple scrubbing of the screens.

  8. I made that kale salad a couple of weeks ago - using greek yog instead of kefir. It was GOOD!!! I'm new to kale but I generally like it lots as long as it's put together with the right things!

  9. Been searching for the perfect pair of brown boots for forever that aren't $300. Can't BELIEVE you found those black ones for $5 and in such great condition. Lucky duck.

  10. Nice find on the dehydrator! If you're skeeved out on what might have previously been dehydrated with it, you could always get new trays - we actually ordered several additional ones for ours on Amazon.

    As for what I dehydrate, I love making fruit crackers with mine -here's my recipe/process: http://workingtravelingmom.com/dehydrator-raw-fruit-crackers-for-travel/#more-166
    Dehydrated apples are amazing, too - sprinkle a little cinnamon on those babies and the whole house smells like you're baking apple pie!

  11. You've seen the big stores - Goodwill, Salvation Army, Savers...and then there are the charity shops run by churches and non-profits.
    thrift store


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