August 27, 2013

Don't burn out like Miley Cyrus

This post really has nothing to do with Miley Cyrus, but, you know, Miley gets clicks. And we can't say we weren't warned by The Onion in 2008 that all potential Miley entertainment value would be used up by 2013.

I wonder what those same scientists would say about my running. Now I immediately take that back because those Onion scientists are scary accurate and kind of downers.

Just to note: Robin Thicke needs to be called out more than Miley for his rapey creepiness of a song, "Blurred Lines." 

Moving on to something much less twerky, my training week. I'll understand if you stop reading now.

1. 6 miles (@8:50 pace) and yoga class. An easy-paced run on the treadmill. I was so happy to get to yoga class later that night, which made two days in a row of yoga, kind of a record for me these days.

2. 8.61 miles (@ easy pace) plus 30 min. with Mr. Mike the trainer. That run was split between a few miles on the treadmill and 5.61 at Life Time run club, so the paces varied. At run club, I rarely pay attention to pace. That day is usually designated as an "easy" run on the schedule, so I just get in my miles and run at whatever pace other folks are running. I got to help my buddy make it to her first ever 4-mile run, and that's basically what I love about run club. It's all about encouraging each other every week. Oh, and treats. This week: free slushies post run. Tuesday, Life Time Vestavia, 6 p.m., 2-5 miles, be there for free slushies. You don't have to be a member to join us.

And this was before they heard about free slushies.

And as for Mr. Mike's workout for us. It included crazy hard jumping pushups.

3. Supposed to be a cross-training day, instead 5.27 trail miles (@ 12:09) and aqua class. A dark morning run that we took at a social pace. It must have been a while since I've been at one of these 5:30 a.m. runs because I was surprised that it was dark when I got there. Time to bust out the headlamp.

Finally some light at the halfway point.

And at my aqua class, we had three guys in attendance. Not that it's unheard of for guys to make it to an aqua class, but it (along with a lot of other group x classes) is pretty female dominant. So if you know a guy who is willing to go to aqua class, send him over to Gold's on Thursday (starting next week) nights at 6. Maybe we can set some local records. Or Guinness ones.

Oh, and I swapped my later rest day for this one because I knew we were going out of town this weekend. 

4. Speedwork, 7.8 miles and Mr. Mike training. This run was really intimidating on paper, but it felt amazing, especially when it was over! Here's a snapshot of the workout: 2X1600 @ 7:03 (1:30 rest interval), 2x800 @6:43 (2:00 rest interval), 1x1600 @7:03 with some warm-up and cool-down miles thrown in. It was a beast, but I loved it really feeling the heat during those 800s.
5. Long run, 16 miles @ 9:17. Coach Alex should be happy with those long run numbers. I haven't come that close to my prescribed long-run pace in a really, well, long time! Thank you, treadmill, for helping me get that done. I ran two of the miles outside but finished the majority on the treadmill with my Hokas. I'm not sure I like the bouncy treadmill mixed with the squishy Hokas.

And I am definitely sure that I did not like the treadmill for my long run, but I traded the streets for having my treadmill posse come walk beside me and talk while I ran. Excellent trade. 

6. "Easy" 4.2 miles in Kentucky. We ran 3.2 @ 8:40 pace and then ran-walked back with my nieces for another mile. Part of this run was spent scoping out the turnaround point for our upcoming Second Annual Family Turkey Trot 5K. Or Second Annual Whatever We Called It Last Year 5K. We accidentally went to 4 miles on that run last year, and I thought it would be nice for everyone if we actually stuck to our promised 5K mileage this year, especially for the kiddos.

This run was supposed to be easy and recovery, but instead it felt hard and outrageously humid, even though I swear that I now love humidity (after being in the desert for a chunk of the summer).

7. Rest. And hang out with all the cousins in KY. Here are a handful of the many cousins.

Yes, the tall ones are all leaning to avoid tree branches.

Goals for this week:

  • At least one yoga session. 
  • Long run on the road.
  • Take care of my heel (rolling, massaging, icing). My right heel was extremely sore today, to the point I was limping while walking, and it's a bit of a mystery to me. It started on Saturday. Is the treadmill long run the culprit? 

Do you hit up any regularly scheduled group runs? I love that Birmingham has so many groups to join. Check out this list at the track club's site to get an idea. My faves are the BUTS runs and Saturday morning BTC long run group. 

Heel pain that's not achilles (more to the outside and midway between the ankle and heel): any idea what could be causing that?

Quick: what are your favorite Netflix shows? Need something to watch other than Miley twerking.


  1. I totally agree on the creepy Robin Thicke, shame on him for even agree to doing that.

    I am totally jealous of your push up abilities! I would say that your calf muscle might be very tight and causing your pain. I was having a similar pain and my PT told me it's not your achillies it's your calf. So I had to do 3 rounds of ice, heat 5min each and stretch a lot.

  2. Agree: the whole thing was gross. Made me turn it off.
    Very nice pushups and training week! The morning darkness always saddens me. Another summer just about gone.

  3. Bummer on the heel pain - hope you can figure it out soon!
    Love the jumping push-ups!!!

  4. I missed Miley...darnit. But as a mother of a 20 year old I realize their thought process can be crazy!
    Oh foot pain...I'm the queen. It is the heel or the outside of the foot? There is a nerve and some tendons that come down the leg, behind that bone on the outside and hooks to the little bone that sticks out on the side. (yes, I am a medical professional! haha) You could have some shoes that are irritating that area. Just ice, massage and re-assess your running style when say, you are in your hokas on a treadmill. I had knee pain the other day on a treadmill after trail running for a month. I was running a little skeewompass.
    Good luck - it seems to me your workout schedule is brutal!

    1. So true! I'm just glad no one was recording my 20s.:)

      The pain is just to the right of my achilles, about an inch up from the bottom of my foot. It definitely feels like a bundle of nerves when it hurts, so that would make sense. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Great week! Seriously that Miley performance was very disturbing:/

  6. Ok, after seeing this "twerking" thing everywhere in the past 2 days, your post finally pushed me over the edge into actually googling it.
    Now I know all I need to know to quietly dismiss all things "Miley" from my life - not that there was much to begin with.
    I've never done a group run. The only ones I know of are in Jacksonville, which is 45 minutes away. I do once run with my husband and son-in-law (if that qualifies!)

    1. Yes, that qualifies. Families make great running partners!

  7. Omg... those jumping push-ups look awful.
    We've been loving Suits!

  8. I wish there were group runs in Alabaster. I need to move just so i can run/workout with people. Awesome job on the workouts though!! High five!

  9. I've been in running groups, but it's really nice to run without having to match my schedule with someone else's. Seeing you do those jumping push-ups makes me want to try... one!

  10. I had pain there before too! Mine was Peroneal tendonitis. If mine is hurting, it feels better if I wear shoes with at least an 8mm heel to toe drop. Then, when it feels better, I switch back to my minimals.

    That sounds like a fun track workout, maybe I'll copy that one. :)

    1. I am definitely going to wear my higher drop shoes to see if I can baby it before my weekend long run. Thanks!

  11. Do you like running with a headlamp? I run when it's dark and I get kind of scared, but I usually run in my neighborhood under the scarce street lights. What would you recommend for lighting?

    I loved Gossip Girl on Netflix, but I've heard orange is the new black is good! Haven't watched it myself.

    1. I actually prefer a handheld lamp (i.e. flashlight), but I also know that I run crooked with something in my hand. So I'm trying to get used to a headlamp because I think it will be easier in the long run. It's not my favorite because it casts weird shadows, and you can't point it exactly where you want it to be like you can a handheld light.

  12. Hmm if you're looking for a good show, I'm OBSESSED with Scrubs - I swear that show gets funnier every time I watch it!! Also loving Gossip Girl lately.. no, I am not 12 years old haha. But it's awesome :) Especially good for those long treadmill runs - it makes the time (and miles!) fly :)

    As for the treadmill, try putting it on a 1-2% incline, I bet that would help with your heel pain!

    I have been MIA for a while, looking forward to catching up with your latest posts!! :)

  13. Orange Is The New Black is pretty good but definitely not for the kiddos to see.

  14. Maybe you bruised your heel somehow???
    I am working on becoming part of the running scene in Columbus and am pretty excited. Have found one little group so far. Way more fun to run with other people. I wish I had some show advice but I have not watched TV in awhile and am way out of the loop.


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