August 15, 2013

Feetures sock review and giveaway

Just when I thought blogging three days in a row would require effort equivalent to what it takes a young and slightly distracted person to graduate from college, here I am doing it. Turns out I was overthinking it.

So today I've got a review of Feetures socks and a giveaway for you!

Here's the takeaway about Feetures:

1. Comfortable + breathable
2. Tons of styles -- thick and thin, high and low
3. Loads of poppy colors 
4. Anatomical knee-high and ankle socks

Here's part of the sock selection at the Birmingham location of Alabama Outdoors. P.S. The brightest colors are on the other side, but my iphone (i.e. me) bungled that picture up.

Sizing: Because I'm a size 7, which is the lowest size in the size medium range (7-9.5), I tried some size mediums and size smalls to see which fit the best. 

And while they both functioned well, I would have to say that the socks run true to size and that if I purchased them again, I'd go with the manufacturer's sizing recommendation. Even though I wanted to second-guess the manufacturers, they nailed the sizing charts.

Socks: There is such a great range of products from Feetures, it's hard to know where to start. So I'm just going to go thin to thick and short to tall.

Elite Ultra Light No Show Tab

Size small, Elite Ultra Light No Show Tab (featuring Legos)

These are an anatomical fit and provide a great squeeze for your arches. This Elite line of socks has softness and stretch. They kind of remind me of the kind of comfy tights that you want to wear every day in the winter. Not the hotness of the tights, just the comfiness. Of course they have all the typical, no rubby seams business as well. This sock is for you if you like fitted, thin socks.

Elite Light Cushion No Show Tab

Size medium, Elite Light Cushion No Show Tab (featuring a pillow feather)

Just like the sock above, but with a little more cushion underfoot. These are for you if you're looking for an anatomical sock with extra arch squeeze PLUS cushion. And I personally love, love the no-show socks and the variety of colors they have for these no-show socks. Also, these Elite socks have worn the best of the ones I tried.

High Performance Ultra Light No Show Tab

This is how no show they are. 

What's the difference here? These aren't anatomical, but they give you a step more cushion than the Elite Light Cushion socks. Instead of the comfy tight feel, these have a more cotton-y feel, but they still maintain all the wicking capabilities you would expect from a running sock.

High Performance Light Cushion No Show Tab

Size medium, High Performance Light Cushion No Show Tab (featuring smiley cards)

These have the same feel as the socks above with more cushion in the high-impact areas. Plus both of these socks in the high performance sector have a mesh segment along the top for extra ventilation. So do you see how you can get any and every sock you could imagine from Feetures? I got all the no-tab versions, but they have these same choices with different lengths (low cut, quarter, crew) as well.

Elite Compression Light Cushion Knee High

Size medium, Elite Compression Light Cushion Knee High

These have the same feel as the other Elite socks above combined with the thickness that I felt in the High Performance socks. These have graduated compression, and are the most compression-y (not a word, but I know you get it) socks of any I own. Because they are so effective at their job of compressing, they can be difficult to get on, but once they are in place, you get fantastic graduated compression with anatomical fit in a cool-feeling sock. Plus, they are a great length, not too tall and not too short.

Lifetime guarantee: So these socks are not the cheapest. From $10.99 for the High Performance model to $50 for the knee-high Elites, you are making a solid investment. But they also have this-here lifetime guarantee. I don't even know how it's possible because don't all socks eventually fall apart, but it clearly says it on every box. And I believe the box. So there you have it.

The Feetures company is based in North Carolina -- three cheers for more cool stuff coming out of the South!

Now for the giveaway (did you skip to this part?!). Here's what Feetures is offering one of you guys: your choice of three pairs of socks (excluding the Compression and PF Sleeve).

To enter: Leave a comment here or on Facebook (for the people who have blog commenting problems) telling me that you want to win. 

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Enter up until Friday, August 23rd, at midnight. That gives me the whole first week of back-to-school-ness before I pick a winner (via Good luck to all of you, and thank you again to Feetures for sponsoring this giveaway! And remember, with the lifetime guarantee, you are winning three pairs of socks that you will be wearing for a scary long time.