August 24, 2013

Letting things slide and a giveaway winner

After conquering the first week of school, we decided to take this show (i.e. family) on the road to Kentucky for a family visit. My husband's sister Tahlee and her husband, Iggy, were in town from Los Angeles, which gave us an even bigger incentive to make the four-hour drive.

Tahlee and Iggy at the top. Picture taken in LA during our road trip this summer.

Not that the farm's fresh sweet corn is not enough of an incentive for my husband. Did I already tell you that he comes from a family of corn snobs? Not in a bad way, just in an I-only-eat-the-fresh-stuff way. It's so bad that I've only purchased supermarket "fresh" corn once or twice in our marriage. That old junk (anything picked earlier than immediately before cooking is considered ancient) does not pass as edible for a corn snob.


And just how was that first week of school? There were no tears anywhere. I was most worried about my daughter who had a really hard time fitting in with the girls in her class last year. A lot of them knew each other before the start of school, and she knew none of them. She knew some of the boys, but in her fourth-grade mind, that does not count for anything. There were lots of after-school tears last year because she felt lonely in class. This year has already started off on a much better note with her making friends the first day of school. Happy dance.

We took our first-day-of-school pics on the second day. Classic procrastinating mom move.

You can tell it was day two because we were already letting severely wrinkled clothes pass instead of running the steamer over them. By day three, we're already lowering our standards to shirts with holes and nose-bleed stains. 

But I was less worried about clothing cleanliness than I was about this advertisement I saw in the carpool line. A) Is there really a whole store dedicated to lice removal? B) Do we really need the possibility of lice already shoved in our faces during the first week of school? C'mon, let us settle in a little bit and get the flu and strep throat out of the way before we play the lice card.

So not looking forward to lice scares, but I am looking forward to the sweet and simple school journal entries. Here are a few that Enoch did last year after the Mississippi River Marathon and the Mercedes Marathon (two weekends in a row).

In case you can't read his writing, it says something like, "Blah, blah, marathon, blah, give me some food!" And, "We stayed in a cabin with an outside bathroom!" The kid clearly knows what's important.


And we have a Feetures sock winner! Jenny Lou Browning who entered via Facebook.

Congrats, Jenny! Please email me at yomommaruns(at) to get your winning info. And thank you so much to everyone who entered and shared this giveaway! I almost hate giveaways because I want everyone to win, but it's still exciting to make one person happy, which is why I keep hosting them. 

What do you start to let slide after the first week of school? Obviously clothing wrinkledness. Second, their lunch box contents. They pack their own lunches, and after the first week, I don't scan the contents as often. One day last school year, I opened my son's lunch box to find a lone slice of bread (not in a container) and an orange. Hmmm, maybe should have paid a little more attention there. 

Are you a snob when it comes to certain foods? I definitely have a VERY hard time drinking after anyone, so I guess I'm a drink snob. If your lips have touched it, I don't want anything to do with it. 

Lice: the grossest part of elementary school? Potentially yes. I start to get a phantom head itch when we get the letters about someone being found with lice at school. 


  1. I am a wine snob in reverse. I will not drink wine over $10. Okay I can't afford wine that costs more than $10. Lice- no, just no. I am itchy just thinking about it.

  2. I'm glad your daughter made some friends the first day. My son is going into 4th this year and a couple of weeks ago he told me he thought all his friends had probably moved away ( we live on a military base so everyone leaves at some point). He was so happy to find that three of his former class mates were still here and one really good friend of his. It made me so happy and relieved at the same time. I let breakfast slide sometimes like I'll let him have a pop tart instead of making a hot breakfast, I'm just so tired some morning especially if Izzy is having an I want to stay up all night party. I'm a snob when it comes to cereal, I don't like the generic stuff. LOL, on the phantom head itch. My roommate in college who also happened to teach with me in the same school had lice twice from our kindergartners. I swear I had the nurse check my head everyday for like a month.

  3. Lice. Yuk. Total forgot about that fun. Congrats to your sock winner!

  4. I am a total pizza snob! I grew up in Chicago so pizza that is good to other people tastes like poop to me. Such a snob! Lice is absolutely disgusting. They used to use the same comb on everyone's head when doing lice checks at my elementary school! SO not sanitary!

  5. We had lice when my oldest was in day care. Not. Fun. At. All. I never fully understood the term "nit picking" until that day and I hope I NEVER have to go through it again. I'm itching just writing this!

  6. And I agree with Rachel on the pizza thing. Growing up in CHicago spoiled me when it comes to pizza, hotdogs, and Italian Beef sandwiches!

  7. Chitown pizza snob here as well. Ha! Happy back to school.

  8. My heart aches a bit for your daughter last year - glad this year is off to a better start!

    I'm a bit of an Earl Grey tea snob. I get visitors from the UK to bring me the Marks & Spencers packets as it's the only good stuff I've found, it's not very good over here. Apart from Mighty Leaf which is amazing but requires a second mortgage for a packet!


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