August 5, 2013

Recruiting new runners and a chore chart idea

One reason I love blogging is the time for reflection it gives me. Lately, with the busyness of cross-country road trips and family and friends spread out on sleeping bags and couches around our house, the blog has definitely taken a back seat. It was all for the greatest kind of cause, to spend quality time with the people who are most important to me, so I wasn't sad at all about stepping away from regular entries. But I also missed it the way I miss shavasana during a yoga dry spell. Quiet, reflective time gives my mind a needed break. Maybe my husband's introverted-ness is rubbing off on me, or maybe extroverts (like me) need their time for reflection more than they realize.

My sister and her daughter left our house on Sunday, leaving a big empty space behind. We're hoping to see them again at Thanksgiving. 

Mary, sitting on a stack of dance boards.

Before she left, I, of course, tried to convert her to running. She gets tons of cardio by flatfooting and riding her bike all around Los Angeles, but she gave running a shot just to see about the kool-aid all of us runners are drinking. 

She ran about for a mile or two with us on Saturday morning. Doesn't that look like a happy running face?!

Rebecca running and me loving it.

After dipping her feet in the running pool (not literally), she went back to the square where we start and end our Saturday long runs and flatfooted until I was finished with my 13.5-mile run. That's about two hours of dancing, folks. Did I mention here yet that it is our dream for her to flatfoot the entire time I'm running the Boston Marathon? We hope she'll be able to come out with her dance board and set it up at the finish line so that she can start dancing when I start running and finish when I cross the yellow-and-blue finish line. Fingers crossed it works out because I think it would be the coolest thing in the universe.

Saturday sib time at the square. Lisa, Rebecca and Jimmy.

The running week was also made greater by helping my friend Katie reach 5 miles for the first time at Life Time run club on Tuesday. She pretty much nailed that business to the wall, and I'm looking forward to a lot more 5-milers together! And if you're local, come run with me on Tuesday nights at Life Time. You don't have to be a member to run, and we have a great group of runners. Last week we had about 50 people come out, so you definitely be able to find a friend somewhere in the mix.

Katie and me.

Thanks to my sister and her much-appreciated generosity with watching my kids, I got to go to speed work on Thursday night. Mile repeats on a track are so much different than on the treadmill, and I love trying to get a little bit faster with each mile. 

In tribute to my dancing sister, we took some stunning group photos. And some people are probably (OK, definitely) not as excited as others to be part of this jazzy shot. 

Step Up 4, here we come. 

Not only did I get to go to my coach's speedwork, but to pay my sister back for helping me out the night before, I woke her up at 4:50 a.m. on Friday to go to the 5:30 Balance and Flow class at Resolute Running. We both spent the next two days wishing someone was giving our hamstrings a massage. In case you were wondering, balance boards will totally work you over. 

I ended the running week with a trip to Red Mountain for an easy (for some) 6.5-mile trot along the trails. It was after lunch, and I was feeling the heat and very glad that I brought out my Camelbak, even though I felt like it might be overkill for a short-ish trail run. 

This week's favorites:

  • I saw this chore chart idea at my sister-in-law's house, and I loved it. It's under glass, so you can easily mark it and wipe it. Sometimes breaking down chores makes them seem much easier to accomplish. Now if only I could accomplish organizing my chores into a list like this. 

Oh, and she has a cool menu chart too. She's my numero uno organizational inspiration. 

Do you have any organizational tricks that make household chores easier? 

What was your best running moment from the last week? 


  1. Last week was a recovery week for me, so my runs were slow and easy and generally okay. I wanted to run faster a few times, but kept it slow on purpose.

    Organizational ideas? I'm a spreadsheet kinda gal. heh

    1. My daughter would love you. She's always making me homemade spreadsheets for things we need to accomplish.

  2. I need a chore chart for myself for sure! I've been wanting to get on a better schedule so I don't miss things!

  3. Today was my first run in a week to rest my Achilles (the beach running set it off!!). It was a great run - 12 miles total including 43 x 200 sprints with a 200 recovery jog between each.

    1. Wow, 12 miles with sprints is amazing! And hard!

  4. We missed you blogging too...I love the jazz hands photos with the really unimpressed hot chicks. Hilarious. I also love the chore chart. I finally de-cobwebbed my house today, inspired/guilt-tripped by you and the list!

    1. Hahaha, I wish that this post guilt-tripped me into doing something. So far I haven't done any significant chores or made a list. Mom fail.

  5. I really love the chore chart. I have a dry erase board with different chores for different days written on it. The key is actually following the chart! It looks like you and your sister had a fun time together while she was visiting. My sister was here last month and I cried when she left after a week.

  6. Love the chore chart and love the menu chart even more! What a great idea. Looks like some fun sister bonding time! Uhhhhhh all this talk about running is making me antsy. Ten more day so rest and then it is go time for me! And I will be running in a new Southern location so that is exciting! I had to look up a video of flatfoot dancing- amazing- love the Boston idea!

    1. Counting down the days until our first run together. Although I don't know the number of days it will, but I'm counting anyway.:)

  7. that chore chart is awesome! I need one for me, just to remind myself to actually do things around the house. hopefully on one of my trips to bham i can make it to lifetime to see you! highlight of running for me is the alterG right now.


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