August 13, 2013

Shabby Apple dress review (and this week's best running song)

Today's post is brought to you by the vintage goodness of Shabby Apple. If you haven't heard of Shabby Apple, it's a site full of vintage-inspired clothes -- think dresses, jackets, pants, tops and swimsuits. Although the clothes are inspired by the old school, they're new, so you don't have to worry about someone else's underarm stains. Am I right, or am I right?

Packaging when Shabby Apple comes to your mailbox.

Another cool aspect of Shabby Apple is that they donate 5% of their net profits to help microfinance institutions in 31 countries around the world. 

Sending a little help with each purchase.

I ordered the Snapdragon vintage shirt dress (50% off now), mostly because every time I saw the print, I felt happy about summer because of the birds. Put a bird on it! If you haven't seen that Portlandia sketch, check it out here, and if you don't laugh, we aren't friends anymore. 

Garmin and extra hair ties to properly accessorize.

Turns out it is a great summer dress because it's light and airy (but not see-through!), and the first time I wore it, people kept asking me if it was for-real vintage. No, but it's a great fake.

Also, remember how my sister had the best wedding ever in her yard this summer in Los Angeles, CA? 

Rebecca and Lisa

Well, I packed this dress tight in my cross-country-trip suitcase, and once I took it out, I never touched it with an iron. So what you see below is what happens when this fabric is folded tight and then thrown onto your body a few minutes before a wedding.

Pretty good, right?! The cotton is not super-wrinkly, and I consider that a huge bonus. 

My only complaint is that it doesn't accentuate my small-chestedness. I have lots of clothes that don't seem to mind that I still shop for bras in the pre-teen section, but this dress is cut for someone with a little more fluff in the chest region. 

Normally I would order a small, but I decided to order an x-small because I knew the dress was high waisted and wouldn't have to fit over my bottom that is usually a bigger size than my top. I'm glad that I ordered the smaller size.

And now for that promised ...

dun, dun, dun
Favorite Runner Song of the Week 

I cannot get enough of Safe and Sound by Capital Cities. For me, it puts happy and free into a bottle and makes me drink it.

Bonus song

And one you might not hear on the radio every couple of minutes (unlike the one above) is Alive by Empire of the Sun.

Bonus points to anyone who can tell me if they filmed that video in Bryce Canyon. OK, fine, I'll google it, but I'm betting that it's Bryce because I was just hanging with those hoodoos a couple of weeks ago.

Do you iron or steam clothes, or neither? We steam most things, but we have a back-up iron for dress shirts and sewing projects. And my favorite thing is when I catch things in the dryer soon enough to not require either, but that's a rare occasion around here with the washing machine in the garage.

Have you ever heard of hoodoos? Our Bryce Canyon visit this summer was my first time. Before last month, I didn't even know that it was a real word.

Any special prints or colors that make you happier in the summertime? I keep trying to find running tanks, like this one that I love (triple exclamation point), in bright blue. So I guess that's my happy color this summer.

Shabby Apple provided the dress for this review. They did not compensate me otherwise, and all thoughts and opinions and (no) boob jokes are my own. 


  1. I am very low maintenance and hardly ever iron my clothes and I have honestly never steamed a thing in my life (except my veggies!). Haven't heard of hoodoos. Love the dress and will have to go check out Shabby Apple, you look great in it!

  2. The shabby apple dresses are gorgeous!! And you look beautiful with the Garmin accessory, of course!

  3. I love it! I am totally going to order that dress right now for my birthday next week. I love that when I go to pull up youtube to do some yoga with Denise Austin it sometimes takes me to your blog instead so I can keep up with your life. Also, I am having issues with my shins. They hurt. (Hence the yoga with DA.) Any suggestions? I miss you!

    1. Happy early birthday! Have you tried rolling them with a foam roller. We just went foam roller crazy today at the gym, and that junk really works. They are really cheap to purchase if you don't have one. Or you could use a rolling pin, but on shins, I would prefer foam to hard wood or plastic.

    2. lewis has gone through a million "the stick"s but i dont think we have a foam roller. did i forget to say this is jj? oops. by the way, this is jj.


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