September 18, 2013

I'm registered for the 2014 Boston freakin' Marathon!

In case you didn't see the Facebook post, I got my Boston confirmation! Finally! I was feeling so nervous because several folks in my running group got their confirmations on Friday just a few hours after registering...except for me. They have to verify your time before they send out your confirmation, and I guess it's just slower verifying a smaller race like Mercedes. I could also just be totally making that up. Whatever it was, I was the last to know, but that didn't void my obnoxious excitement. With that email confirmation, it just got real real up in here. So real that I made hotel reservations.

Start line on qualifying day with my big bro/expert pacer.

It's a good thing they let me in because on the day I qualified (in February 2013) I went ahead and put it on the calendar for April 2014, which BTW equals a lot of scrolling through the calendar app. BQ problems. It was (and still probably is) my only solid plan as of now for 2014.

Ahh, the iphone memories of that week.

Turns out that between now and then, I've got some other cool (to me) goals in the mix. 

This is my upcoming racing schedule, on which I'm trying so hard to limit myself to one race per month. That sounds like an easy goal, but I tell you that it's harder than it might seem. Because I won an entry into the Southeastern Trail Series, I have those races that I can run for free. Plus with the Alabama Outdoors run team, I can run the Alabama Outdoors trail series for free as well. So it's really hard to convince myself to pass up on free races, but family comes first. And to thank my husband for eagerly planning our Boston adventure in April, I'm trying to keep other running slightly chilled out. That's another reason that lately I've pushed some of my long runs to Friday, so I can create a better running/family balance. 

So here's what's coming up:

Sept. 21, Carrera 5K, Birmingham, AL. This is an event that is sponsored by my husband's employer for the workers and their families and friends. Pretty cool, right?! So our whole family is in on this day together. And I think this is the only race that my husband cares about me running. Even though on most days he is totally bored/over my running, he really wants me to do this with (read: in place of!) him, and I'm definitely going to shoot for a 5K PR. 

Sept. 27, 28, 29, Birmingham Stage Race, 53 miles total. I'm going to go ahead and predict that this race will end up being closer to 60+ miles. This race director is quickly becoming well known for making extra challenging courses (and adding in bonus miles for our enjoyment). This will be my first stage race ever, so I'm focused on recovery, not racing each individual day, and staying healthy  in order to complete all three days.

Oct. 12, Crusher Ridge 63K, Ruffner Mountain, AL. This is the point in my race schedule where I begin to question my sanity. This equals 39 trail miles, which will be a distance record for me. My plan is to take it slow and easy and just finish!

Nov. 9, Savannah Marathon, Savannah, GA. So looking forward to this race. My first, and therefore my favorite, marathon. This race has become an annual tradition. Some friends from Gainesville, FL, come up with their families, and we all hang out for the weekend, with the race as our reason for coming. I think we're up to three people actually running this year. For the past two years, our ratios were struggling. Two out of the 24 people visiting were running. OK, so that includes kids too, but some of them are old enough to run. As a bonus, this year I'm pacing one of my BRFs (best running friends) in what will be her first ever marathon. I'm not sure if she's more excited or if I am.

Nov. 23, Tranquility Lake 50K, Oak Mountain, AL. This is the capstone event of the Southeastern Trail Series. The whole purpose of the series, other than to have a blast running and eat lots of food at the finish line, is to prepare someone to run a 50K, so each race builds on the previous distance, until you get all the way up to 50K. I love the concept!

Dec. 14, Coldwater Mountain 50K, Anniston, AL. I'm not sure if this race still exists because when I googled I found zero info, but at one point it was a thought and on a schedule that I saw somewhere. If I don't run this, I will gladly take December off. 

Feb. 16, Mercedes Half Marathon, Birmingham, AL. My goal for this race is to be a Bell Runner, who raises money for the Bell Center, an early intervention center/program for kids with special needs. I don't plan to run more than the half marathon.

Feb. 22, Mt. Cheaha 50K, Heflin, AL. This is a maybe right now. My brother-in-law (same one who ran with me this year) from Maine really wants to come run it again as well. If he does, I am 100% in, but otherwise, I'm on the fence.

April 21, Boston Marathon, Boston, MA. As of right now the plan for this one is to have fun! No PR attempts, no gluing myself to my Garmin -- just run and enjoy the city and the people along the path to Boylston. And it looks like registration is already full for 2014. Because of the bombing last year, I think more people than ever are determined to support this event and show the world and crapster terrorists that we are strong and refuse to be bullied as a nation/city/running community. We're making a family road trip out of it, which means my family will be there to support me on the sidelines on race day, and my sister is still trying to plan her flat foot marathon to coincide with my finish. If you know any buck dancers, tap dancers, cloggers, or flat footers who would like to join her, please let me know! 

Which race are you most looking forward to on your schedule? Of course, B-town because it's a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

Do you race every event you sign up for, or do you run some just for fun? I usually say I'm running for fun but can't get the racing bug out of my psyche on the run.

Have you ever run for a charity? Which one? This February will be a first for me, and I'm really excited to try and serve the community while I run. Running is all about me, me, me, so it will be nice to switch that focus. 


  1. Wohooooo you're all ready to go for April! That will be here before you know it! Oh and I don't believe you... I'm betting you'll end up running the full merecedes ;)

  2. Long time reader (but this may be my first comment since I'm more of a lurker). Congrats on getting into Boston. Very exciting! I am most looking forward to two races - Bataan Memorial Death March in March and then Big Sur Marathon in April! Both will definitely NOT be PR attempts. I only "race" one race a year and it's always New Orleans Marathon (next year in February). Hoping to break 4 hours next year! Every other race is for "fun".

  3. WooHoo you go girl! Enjoy every second of it!

  4. Congrats!! SO exciting! My favorite race is the North Olympic Discovery Half Marathon. Beautiful course and great swag:)

  5. So very happy for you. How exciting!

  6. AHHHH I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU! So happy you got in :) Good luck with your upcoming running goals!!

  7. Congrats!! I am from Boston and running the marathon has always been a dream for me. And especially this year after the bombings. I kind of feel like I'm selling out because I applied to run with a charity for the race since I haven't qualified. BUt being my home town and everything, I just felt like I had to. I will find out in October! Good luck in all of your races!

  8. YAY!!! I'm so excited for you! I know how badly you have wanted this and am so happy it's becoming a reality for you :)

  9. So exciting! Congratulations!

    You've got a busy calendar, and that's awesome! Just the way I like it.

    I kind of have fun with all my races. I try to be faster each time, but I'm not doing any hard speed training right now. I am just loving the journey and trying to enjoy it.

  10. Yay, congrats and have a blast!!

    Somebody told me last year, that when you make that left turn onto Boylston, it will change your life. I've NEVER had goosebumps like that during a race before, it was amazing. And running through Wellesley, seriously took my breath away and made me cry. Nothing like it. Seriously, enjoy!

  11. Woohoo!! That is so exciting!! Looks like you have some great races coming up too. The race I'm most looking forward to is the Tri States Marathon, in Vegas in December! I've never been there, so excited about that. Also it goes through 3 states, which will be so cool! I'm running the Chicago marathon for Ronald McDonald House Charities. My first time running for a charity!

  12. Woohoo!! I am so excited for you. Enjoy every moment of it!! As for charities....yep.....I run almost every race I run for a charity cause. I knew when I went back to running that I had to do it for something bigger than me. Having seen children pass away from cancer in my job and then seeing my father pass away from cancer I knew that I had to raise money for cancer research. It makes each mile that much more special to me. Knowing that I am out there running for others makes each training run and each race that much more important.

  13. I am SO FREAKING EXCITED for you! And I'm definitely looking forward to a meet up in Beantown! You are a running machine girl! Holy cow. Those distances = amazing. A marathon is long enough for me.
    I am far too competitive for my own good so every race I enter, I race. Unless of course someone has asked me to pace them. :)
    The last run I did for charity was the CIBC Run for the Cure (Breast Cancer run). It was the very first race I ever ran and I've done a couple of times since. Such an awesome event.

  14. SO excited for you about Boston - but also about the other races, especially the stage race. You're going to have to do that carefully (and not RACE it) or you won't make the distance!

    I'm most excited about Half Moon Bay next weekend (also because Bean is coming to stay, yay for strangers from the internet)

  15. I am so completely, RIDICULOUSLY excited for you. And I'm still praying that there's someway God is going to bless me with the opportunity to fly out to Boston for Marathon weekend just so I can cheer you (and all the other runners) on. Now, more than ever, I want to show my support for this community and city I love so very much!!!

  16. I'm so, so excited for you!! You deserve it and I hope you soak up every second of anticipation leading up to it. I wasn't terribly nervous about your chances of getting in, but I'm sure the confirmation allowed you a huge sigh of relief. ;)
    Right after the bombings, I'd resigned myself to the realization that I wasn't going to be getting into the 2014 race. (I squeaked in, after all) Luckily I was totally able to make peace with that fact. Haven't gotten actual "denied entry" email, but it's a-comin'...and that's okay.
    I'll be busy cheering for you, anyway!!

  17. Congratulations love, I am so happy for you!

  18. p.s. I know you'll be too fast to actually run with me, but I'm the 4:00 pacer for Savannah. I should be pretty easy to spot with my sign. Come find me and say hi, if you can!!

  19. Shut up -- we might for serious start the race with you. I'm running with a friend for her first marathon, and she wants to get sub-4, but I think it would be smart for us to start out with the 4:00 group. OK, I'm really excited! Are you going to be working at the expo? Or just there on race morning?

    1. As far as I know, I'll be at the expo, too. Fleet Feet is in charge of the Pace Groups, so look for their booth.
      Yay!! This will be fun!

  20. How the heck did I miss this post until now.....(shakes head in shame). WHOOOOO BOSTON!!!! I am so excited for you- you worked so hard to get there it will be amazing to enjoy such a great city! As far as the rest of your schedule - you are one bad mother in the best way! That 5k thrown in there seems out of place. You will be able to do that in your sleep. It will probably seem weird to run a race that doesn't take all day/ multiple days ;).

  21. so excited for you!! Boston is my dream! One day I will get into trail running and come to AL to run. LOVE that you are running for the Bell Center- i have several friends who have done that. I am running RNR Nola this year with TNT. It will be my 4th TNT event. Excited to give back.


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