September 29, 2013

Seven Bridges Marathon giveaway winner (plus stage race results!)

Man-orama, sorry you guys had to wait so long for these giveaway results! If it helps, I was out running a million (OK, 53ish) trail miles on three mountains over three days this weekend. The icing and compression socking was out of control around here. After the finish of the three days of trail thrashing, did I continue to pamper my body with healthy foods and recovery tricks? No! Instead, I threw my compression socks on the floorboard of the car (so tired of being wrapped up tighter than King Tut), swaddled myself loosely (see previous parentheses) in a blanket, ate large amounts of cheeseburgers and pizza and nachos and funnel cake and fries, and guzzled icy root beer.

But I came home with this cool mug out of which to drink my recovery root beer.

Lasting all three days equals winning. 

I have a lot more beans to spill about his event, but I'll wait until I have less of a junk food hangover to type up the deets.

So on to what you actually care about, the race entry winners! Here are our five winners for an entry to the Seven Bridges Marathon, chosen via If you didn't win and still want to try this race on October 20th, my friend at has a coupon code for 10% off race entry: MRUNS01

#80 Darnell Allen

#12 Bean

#55: Bethany Graham

#14 egb

#8 Anthony L

If you are one of these people, please email me at yomommaruns(at) so that I can get you hooked up with your registration. Thanks to all of you guys for entering!