October 31, 2013

Halloween costumes for runners and fall fever

Sugar-Coma-Oween -- that's going to be what I start calling October 31st. That or Meltdown Occurring in 3, 2, 1. And I will neither confirm or deny that the adults in our household charged the children a fee of two Kit-Kats and an Almond Joy for transportation home following the Trunk or Treat at church last night.

Before I really started working on reducing my sugar intake, Halloween was always my favorite holiday. The dressing up part is still fun, but I'm looking forward to the candy part being over and out of my line of sight.

For the runners out there looking for running-themed costumes, check out these cool kids from my Life Time Run Club.

My top four favorites with a running theme:

1. The "I survived (fill in your dangerous road)" t-shirt with road rash back.
2. Runaway bride.
3. Forest Gump.
4. Speed demon, complete with horns and speed demon socks.

Our contest rule was that you had to run in your costume. Running four miles in a full length "vampiress" gown was not as painful as wearing vampire teeth that whole time. I now have fake plastic teeth rash, instead of road rash.

And my four-year-old twins hated me as a vampire. It scared them so much that they wouldn't let me pick them up and help them out of the car. So that's all it takes for them to gain independence. Next time I want them to clean their room by themselves, I'll pull out the vampire teeth. 

And here are my other top favorite Halloween activities!

1. Going to Sloss Fright Furnace with my sister-in-law. She is a pro hula hooper, so she went to work as a hoop dancer for the Freak Show pre-show. 

Best yarn hair extension ever!

The Freak Show performer (not my sister-in-law!) ate live roaches. And other things. But all I could think about was him eating live roaches and how I would never, ever do that. Unless it was Survivor for a million dollars.

Afterwards, we huddled together to eek through the haunted house. My main techniques to make it through were deep breaths and not making eye contact with the zombies.

2. Haunted BUTS run. On Saturday, I ran 15 miles with the Birmingham Ultra Trail Society. It was a preview of the Tranquility Lake 50K course, and David Tosch, race director, and friends busted out the chainsaws, fake bloody camper clothes, and skeletons to try and surprise freak us out. The bloody clothes really were a little unnerving, so I was relieved to see the skeleton. Ok, ok, that was fake. 

3. Life Time Spooktacular for kids. This was lots and lots of active games for the kids. Loved that! Plus, my son really got into the professional nail treatment. 

4. Trunk or Treat at church. Since it's probably going to rain tonight, I'm glad we got in some trick or treating last night at this. It's actually plenty of trick or treating for any human, but since we are intergalactic, we'll go again tonight. 

Two Jango Fetts, one Star Wars fan, one Jedi knight, and Princess Leia

And the guy in the purple wig. 

6. Spooky stories on the trail behind our library. The professional story teller was amazing. Plus, they used a graduated scariness system that was cool. They would tell a story and let the kids decide to go inside if they were scared enough already. The stories got scarier and scarier as they moved down the trail.

7. Fall carnival at the elementary school.

Carnival morning -- I helped the decorating committee. 

So the bake sale was the best part because I discovered these. They were so delicious! Need to google some recipes for these.

8. Upgraded zoo. The zoo decorates every year for their Halloween Boo at the Zoo. Since we are members, we are there ALL THE TIME, and the kids loved the new spooky decor.

9. Eating on a spider web tablecloth. And, yes, every meal I eat includes some form of eggs.

What were your favorite Halloween/October activities? 

How often do you eat eggs? We go through at least two dozen a week, and sometimes I share them with the kids.

Do you like getting spooked? I used to LOVE it as a kid, but now that I'm responsible for the well being of tiny people, I don't like it as much. No spooky movies at our house these days. 


  1. I'm still laughing about the way you can get a little independence - love the vampire teethe but I can't imagine running with them!!!
    Y'all are very festive - love all the Halloween activities!!!

  2. SO much fun - love the fangs and blood especially. My little boy dressed up as a cheese - it was pretty special!

    I'm not big on being scared at all. I agree with what you said - since I became a parent I've become so much more conservative and safety conscious! And I'm also easily rattled so I avoid anything scary on TV because it stays in my mind for a long time afterwards!

    Eggs. Yes. Lots of them. All mine.

  3. So much Halloween fun!!! I am not a huge fan of being scared. I would rather be scared by like monsters or aliens- things that I know are not real or at least very unlikely to happen, than stuff that seems plausible like people being psychos. I eat a lot of eggs.

  4. Wow, you guys really celebrated Halloween to the max. I loved, loved, loved your Star Wars attire - especially the Star Wars fan. Awesome!!

  5. Now that is some serious Halloween celebrating!! Your kids are so adorable! Love all the Star Wars costumes, ha ha. I eat eggs for breakfast every day. LOVE them.

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