October 17, 2013

Official diagnosis: peroneal tendonitis

Give a man a fish, and he'll live for a day. Give a kid a wooden fish, and he'll put him in water. At least that's what Ezra and Creed did after Joy School on Tuesday.

So glad they put their fish in this cup of water. 

After I took the colored fish out of the first cup of water to let them dry out on the counter, I found them reimmersed in new locations.

Like in this water bottle.

And in this plastic snack bag full of water. 

They knew that fish went in water, and they knew that they had just made some sassy marker-enlivened fish. Natural conclusion: our freshly decorated Nemos need agua.

A natural conclusion that I've been battling lately is the you hurt, you rest conclusion.

Here's the sequence of events since my busted foot after the stage race.

Week 1


Week 2

*  1 mile of run walking. Can feel the pain spot, but it's not painful (totally clear, right).

*  3 miles of run walking with Life Time Run Club. When I'm running, no pain. When I'm walking, just a hint of a niggle.

*  2 miles of running. Foot is good. Finally remember to ice it.

*  4 miles of running. Because of the endorphins, I feel like an Olympian, a very slow Olympian.

*  Rest day.

*  11 miles of running in my Hokas. My foot feels great, but I know I still need to be careful.

*  6.71 trail running miles. Everything was solid until I stepped on a pyramid-shaped rock right under my hurt spot. Iced after and realize that other parts of my body hurt much worse than the "broken" part of my foot. I take that as a good sign.

Week 3

*  Rest day.

*  4 treadmill run miles. Feeling solid. 3.28 running miles with Life Time run club. Still good. Foot starting to feel a little tired, so I ice.

*  5.31 fast-ish (for me) miles on Lakeshore Trail with my brother and our buddy. I could tell that my body is starting to forget how to run quickly. Need to work on that.

Jeff (our buddy), Jimmy (my bro), and Lisa (me!) finished running before 6:30 a.m.!

* Go to the doctor. X-ray shows no breakage, which was my worst fear. Although I know stress fractures don't always show up on the x-ray, the doctor seems confident in his no-stress-fracture verdict. He diagnoses me with peroneal tendonitis, and tells me, in summary (which is about how long our actual visit was), to take some Tylenol and call him in a month. Leave the doctor's office with the good news, and immediately go attack some speed work. Foot feels awesome, maybe because of the mental boost from the good news at the doc's office.

For now, I feel like I'm on the other side of this injury. With four weeks until the Savannah marathon, I need to put in a 20 miler this weekend, which will be like the ACT for college. If I can just get my high score on the long run test, I'm in for 26.2 next month.

What was the last thing for which you were x-rayed? Before this, I think it was my hand a few years ago when I fell down on a mossy rock at a creek. The Big Fall was immediately after yelling at my kids to be careful on the slippery rocks.

Do you take time off for injuries or push through? Depends on how bad the pain is and how scared I am that it is something serious that could cramp the longevity of my running life. Because I thought this was a possible stress fracture, I wanted to be more careful than my usual willy-nilly-ness.

Have you ever heard of peroneal tendonitis? I had not until today. But it doesn't sound as bad as, girl, that's a stress fracture so let me just strap this big ole boot on your foot for six weeks.