October 25, 2013

Oiselle long rogas: the review and giveaway!

Let's talk shorts. Every runner has their favorites for different reasons. My shorts must-have list: built-in undies (I'm learning that not everyone is a fan of this. say what?), comfy, multiple pockets, no muffin top, must make your butt look decent. 

It's pretty simple, and it would seem like most running shorts would cover those categories, but when you start trying things on, you realize there are different degrees of comfy. If the scale is from 1 to 10, it would go something like, 1 is as comfy as stepping on a Lego, and 10 is so comfy that I might not take it off for at least a week, without washing. A lot of running shorts are in the 7-9 range, but when you find a 10, you embrace it like you did your favorite Halloween candy when you were 5 (Kit-Kats, obviously) and pray that none of your older siblings notice that you still have some decent candy left to steal. 

The Oiselle rogas are a comfort 10. Oiselle makes running clothes, but they should obviously be putting equal effort into pajamas because I could live in these shorts for weeks. The material is stretchy, durable (I've fully tested this!), and light. Basically they're perfect for running but also great for the post-marathon rest period where you spend weird amounts of time sitting on the couch and eating ice cream. 

Plus, they are known to not make your butt look flat. Another check on the must-have list. Some of us have the opposite problem of a flat butt, and they work for healthy booties too. 

They also have a wide waistband to help keep the muffin top at bay. 

So those are the things that all rogas have in common, now let's get to why I love my long rogas

They have an extra pocket! So instead of one zip pocket on the bum and a hidden key pocket in the front lining, there is one extra side zip pocket. Especially if you are planning to run (or race) long, extra pockets are like gold. Specifically like gold teeth, not absolutely necessary but you feel kind of famous and like you could kick anyone's butt in a dance battle if you have them. 

Here's the other clutch thing about them, the standard rogas have a 4-inch inseam, and the long rogas move that up to a 6-inch inseam. This is an obvious choice for tall people, but not everyone is lucky enough to be tall. I'm 5'2", so why is a longer inseam clutch? There are lots of activities that I like to do in addition to running.

Like the butterfly (while wearing sunglasses in my living room, of course).

Hammy stretches.

Awkward jumps.

Unsuccessful toe touches. 

Headstands on rocky ground. 

The rogas are perfect because the extra two inches have got you covered no matter what awkward position you get yourself into. 

You can finally put away your disguise for when you want to wear your comfortable running shorts to yoga class. 

Also the extra two inches give me a little bit more protection from my personal trail running nemesis, poison ivy. Poison ivy is not welcome to my upper thigh party. 

If only this guy's shorts had been a few inches longer.

Sizing tips: According to the sizing chart, I measured on the lower end of a medium in these shorts, but I went down to a size small. Just for reference, I wear a size 6 in Lulu bottoms and a small in Nike bottoms. If you are on the edge of two sizes, I would recommend going down a size unless you like your shorts a little loose fitting. 

Now for the happy day news. Oiselle is sponsoring a giveaway for a pair of long rogas for one of you happy people.* 

To enter: Leave a comment telling me why you want to try the long rogas. Bonus points (not really) for the most awkward position for which you need extra coverage. Um, keep it clean for the kids though.

For bonus entries (the real kind, not the fake kind from above): These are completely optional! But if you do them, make sure to leave a separate comment for each so I can count them all.

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You have until next Friday, November 1st, to enter, so get to commenting and sharing! And if between now and then I see you in a back alley dance battle, just know that I came to win.  

Plus if you need to get these before next Friday, use the code FIRSTFLIGHT for 10% off your first order from Oiselle. 

*Grumps still allowed to participate. 

I participate in Oiselle's running team because I love them. Oiselle is providing the shorts for the giveaway, and I purchased my long rogas with the team discount. All thoughts and opinions are my own.