October 10, 2013

Still on the hunt for my inexhaustible power

I'm putting in my official complaint to the makers of fortunes. After eating at Red Pearl (best Asian restaurant in Birmingham), I got this fortuitous little nugget. With double smiles, which everyone knows means that it is definitely 100% legit. 

I didn't question the fortune at all, but I did wonder why they didn't bring me the large soup. If you can't scoop your restaurant soup with a ladle, why bother?

And how many other local restaurants just have an open crab pit? None. 

Well, it turns out that even double smilies and soup ladles and crab pits and all the legit-ness that that brings still does not guarantee any one fortune. Weirdest thing ever, I know. 

So here's why my power is not inexhaustible, as promised in that blasted fortune. In the last couple of miles of the stage race, my right foot (fifth metatarsal) started to hurt. Because I was riding a crazy endorphin high, I didn't notice until that night that it was the kind of hurt that doesn't go away when you aren't running. 

The next day I was hobbling around, not because I was muscular sore, which I was oddly not for having just raced three consecutive days. My foot hurt every time I put pressure on it. For two days, I sat around all day with my foot up, which was the only time it didn't hurt, and doing as many sitting tasks as I could. So I folded a lot of clothes. Also, because I was taking an exercise break, I took a healthy foods break too. This break brought to you by Joe Joes, cookie heaven.

By Wednesday, I was over sitting around and decided to give swimming a go. That worked to get my heart rate up and put my lungs in overdrive. I like swimming, but I'm not an efficient lap swimmer. Turns out that means that you work much hard than you have to. I try to look at that as a positive, like look how hard I worked for that one lap. Killer! 

For all my swims, I timed the swims instead of counting the distance, usually trying to hit 30 minutes, which feels like three hours of running to me. 

This week I'm slowly, slo o o o o wly picking up running again. Plus I finally made a doctor's appointment to get my foot checked, in case it is what my worst fear would be, a stress fracture. My short runs, 1 to 3 miles, are feeling OK, not completely pain free but not piercingly painful. Just a dull ache. I'm thinking of taking it up to four miles today, depending on how long I spend typing this post. 

Anyone in my family reading this just fell asleep, so here's some news for them. 

Enoch officially started Cub Scouts. He went to day camp this summer before he ever attended any pack meetings because his birthday was right before camp, but now he's in full force, already earned his bear. I can't help but seriously love those navy and gold uniforms, and my stitching skills are getting a lot of use with all the patches.

The twins are in Joy School, our little preschool co-op that we do with four other families, rotating houses and teachers. This week we field tripped to Bud's Best cookie factory, which we also did last year.

But last year, I wasn't eating sweets when we went on this trip, and it kind of made me nauseated. This year, opposite. Totally on a cookie eating spree and not made sick at all by vats of sugar being smeared onto cookies. (Is it any surprise that I have a serious case of b'acne right now?)

Plus we had the cutest tour director ever ( below).

Hair nets are right.

Right now all of the preschool lessons are about the joy of the earth. When I see this picture of the grandparents' farm, I see the joy. And I want to sit criss cross applesauce and om.

I'm a little nervous that these seeds we planted are not going to sprout. The earth does not usually like me to grow things in it, unless they are weeds. I'm really strong with weeds. 

Also part of their recent education: gun lessons with Uncle Brent at the farm. 

And where is Bella in all this? At a three-day overnight camp with school, and my heart is hurting for her to come home. 

At the Boosterthon, my favorite fundraiser ever.

I was however able to embarrass her one final time before camp departure. Taking this picture was one of the least cool things I did that day, according to the expression on her face.

Luckily she'll be back for our weekly last-minute Costco trip. I always forget that they close at 7 on Saturdays and therefore have to fill this cart in less than 10 minutes. That challenge is surprisingly easy. 

Why the heck does Costco close at 7 p.m. on Saturday night? 

Guns: yes or no? We just ordered this free gun safety video for kids. Even if you don't have guns at home, it's important to teach the kids that guns aren't toys. I personally have never shot a gun, and they freak me out. 

Are you dealing with any aches and pains lately? I'm ready to be done dealing with this one, but I'm sure my body doesn't mind a little rest. I should probably be cross training more, but I'm just taking it as a cue to lighten the load in general. I am trying to get off the cookie fest because it really messes up my sleep when I eat sugar. 


  1. I hope your foot is ok! I've got a weird thing going on with my knee I suspect is from riding my bike so much of all things. I swear it's always something. Kids are cuuute!

    1. Thanks! I thought bikes were supposed to be easy on the knees, dang it!

    2. Teamarcia, your bike might not be fit properly. I had use to have knee pain until I adjusted my seat back a tad. A quarter inch made all the difference in the world. Also if you have toe clips you might want to check their positioning. I've heard that can cause knee pain.

  2. Speaking of TJ's..have you tried their pumpkin bar recipe? My son made it last night with extra chocolate chips. OMG! So good!
    Yesterday my hip hurt during my long run but I rolled it and re-dedicated myself to my core exercises.
    Hope you don't have a stress fracture...but sometimes you can't see those for up to 2 weeks after injury. They are not displaced and you don't see them on xray until they start getting calcium deposits from healing. I haven't had one in years, but my last one I didn't even get an extra until I had been limping around for 2 weeks.

    1. Is that a box mix? It sounds awesome! I was thinking that it might not show up on an x-ray at all, but that's interesting that it can after a couple of weeks, which it will have been by the time I get into the doc. Good to know!

  3. Ahh...the picture of your daughter just breaks my heart because I know how quickly they grow. :-(

  4. Aaagh....hope the foot turns out to be just bruised! You've given it a bit of a pounding, maybe it just wants a rest.

    The whole gun thing is very alien to me as a Brit in America. I don't think I will ever understand the relationship between Americans and their guns, so I want to tread carefully in this comment, and not offend anyone. Personally, guns are a No and I want to keep them as far from my son as possible in every sense. However I live in the Bay Area, where there isn't a gun culture. If we lived somewhere WITH a gun culture, my parenting would probably be different. If your kids are going to shoot guns or be around them in any way, then you do have to educate them as to how to behave around them, that makes perfect sense.

    1. So what's up with guns over there? Are people allowed to have them, or is it just not culturally a thing? And, yes, Alabama has a HUGE gun population, so I feel like we have to teach them even if we aren't going to have them around the house.

  5. I have to throw in a big no on guns. Even with safety classes and keeping guns put away, I see some terrible tragedies. I'm sorry about your foot! I hope it feels better soon.

    1. They are so scary, right! We don't own any because I feel like the chance of one of the kids accidentally hurting someone is probably higher than us defending ourselves successfully with one. Now that I've put that out there on the internet, I should probably go buy one to protect myself.:) But we have a lot of family members who have guns, so I definitely feel like the kids should learn to have a healthy fear of them.

  6. Also I heart your blog so much!

  7. Hope your foot gets to feeling better and that there is nothing wrong with it. Never been to a Costco but sounds odd they would close so early on a weekend...
    Guns are a yes but we live out in a rural area where its normal for your kids to start learning to shoot guns and gun safety very early on. My oldest who is 8 has been deer hunting with his dad since he was 3 and he now gets his own deer tag and hopes to shoot his own deer this season.

  8. Wow your preschool coop group sounds so cool!!!!

  9. Hope your foot is ok! That picture of the farm is beautiful.


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