November 22, 2013

Signing off for 2013 racing

So this is it. Tomorrow is my last big race of the year, the Tranquility Lake 50K. At the start of this year, anything longer than a marathon was just a pipe dream. The kind of thing you hope will happen, like making your bed every morning, but you're kind of sure it will remain undone. And now that this is the fourth 50K of the year, I guess adding trails and longer mileage into the running schedule is the new happy. I am shooting for a 50 miler sometime next year -- wish it could be Lake Martin, but that's too close to Boston. And then 2015 will be the year of the 100 miler. At least that's what I'm saying right now as I sit with my feet lazily propped up on an ottoman. 

Since the Savannah marathon, I've been taking it pretty easy on the running front. I've had a couple of fun Life Time runs.

Highlighter colors for night runs.

And I've been trying to get in some cross training, which is going to be a big focus after this weekend. I'm looking forward to switching the focus for at least a month or so before the big push for Boston training.

Body Pump with my homegirl Diane.

Another running first this weekend, I'll be manning the Resolute Running water station for a road race at the Magic City Half this weekend. I'm getting out a costume (pictures will come!) that we found on the Halloween clearance rack, and I will be wearing my dancing feet. Hopefully I will also actually give some people water too.

Are you in a running high or low right now? I'm excited to be going into a running low period. Although I have plans for ramping it up next year.

Do you lift weights? How often? I'm hoping to start doing at least once a week, but lately I've just been doing yoga and my aqua bootcamp classes to build muscle.

Any running related volunteer plans for the near future?