December 10, 2013

Know your own strength

My daughter's teacher asked her to send in a couple of photos from Christmases past. And what's almost as fun as taking cheesy holiday photos of the present? Looking at the cheese of the past. 

First place in the race for my favorite holiday photo of Christmases past: the twins' first December.

Even though that baby chub is fantastic, the following photo shoot meltdown is what really makes this my favorite. 

Second place: humiliating animals with costumes. Our dog Blossom was kind of grumpy about this Santa suit. But this mainly wins because I just loved seeing our old girl. She disappeared on the Kentucky farm a few years ago, and we never found her. Very sad days after that. 

Third place: reaction to the best present that I've ever received. 

The present was a giant painting that Amory commissioned as our version of a family portrait. The artist is Evan Poirier, illustrator/street artist/baller. It's still my favorite thing ever. 

Fourth place: family time! Hugs with granny. 

Gingerbread houses with Skeeter.

New Year's family reunion at Clifty Falls in Madison, IN. Anyone reading this ever been there or heard of this? Or points if you've ever stepped foot in Indiana. 

I love how looking back helps you appreciate the present. Sorry, twins, because even though you were adorable babies, I'm so glad that you're growing up. There is still part of me that doesn't understand how we made it through those first two years of twinhood without going totally insane. 

When I look at this slogan from Gold's, "Know your own strength," I feel grateful for the strength I had to keep it together with four kids ages six and under. Now that they're older, we're getting to the fun part.

What strength are you grateful for? And I wanted to backspace and say, "For what strength are you grateful?" So I will say that I'm grateful for the strength to overlook rules that aren't really that important. And the wisdom to (occasionally) know the difference.

Tell me about one of your December traditions. We always give pajamas as a present on Christmas Eve. They make for much less raggedy Christmas morning pictures.

Tell me a tradition you've seen that you want to copy. One of my friends makes a little to-do list of random acts of kindness, like taping quarters to a vending machine, for every day of December. So I want to make that one of our traditions.


And to bring happy holidays to one of you out there in bloglandia, the winner of the Candy Cane Joe Joes is #17 -- Mimi! 

Mimi, send me your address to yomommaruns(at), or you can message it to me via Facebook.