December 24, 2013

RRCA coaching certification and burgers bigger than faces

This has to be the best time of year in Alabama. The weather is occasionally cold, but mostly it's just a little rain mixed in with a little perfect. And although a lot of runners in these parts don't like running in the cold, I personally love it. It's so much better than struggling through sweltering humidity. 

Other than the weather, here are some other things making me happy right now. 

1. My daughter wrote and illustrated her first book, a children's book about how she planted some pepper seeds and forgot about them until she found a surprise pepper a few months later. We used Shutterfly to produce our limited edition.

The actual pepper she produced.

Our family in stick figures.

An excerpt from her book.

2. I found the perfect supplement for ultra runners.

3. We holiday partied with our neighbors and runner friends. 

Amory, Diane, and Bella.

Greg, Lisa, Mary, and Deonte.

Mike and Amory.

Chef Ripple and Ali at the BUTS (Birmingham Ultra Trail Society) party.

4. We listened to holiday concerts. Usually with wild spectators.

After Enoch's school concert.

After The Sawyer Singers concert at Wilson Chapel. 

5. And, of course, there was running. But I especially loved (a little too much) the snacks after the runs.

Sweeping the BUTS Bearly Ultra with my brother.

Friday long run, getting it out of the way before the weekend.

Eating burgers bigger than our faces after Life Time Run Club.

6. Our neighbor dressed up as Santa to spread holiday cheer. He sat on his porch in the spotlight waving at neighbors and making kids' wishes come true.

7. My dream combo aired on Saturday Night Live. 

8. I signed up to take my RRCA coaching certification course. Merry Christmas to me!

What are you most excited about this week? Above all else, I'm most excited about seeing more family this weekend. Reunions are the best!

If you could write a book, what would it be about? All I have time to write right now are pamphlets. So maybe a pamphlet on decluttering toy bins -- because I really need to research this area right now.

Holiday festivities? Which of your traditions make you happy?