January 3, 2014

Don't be afraid to fall (and a giveaway winner)

PSA: We got a little sidetracked earlier this week because of the dreaded lice. We are lice virgins, so it took me a few moments of sheer panic before I got it under control (like this guy). I knew we would eventually have it because of having four tiny kidbots and all, but it was just as crapster as (or more than) I imagined it would be. The kids are all currently in lockdown and not even allowed to sit on chairs, at least the cloth ones. If you have been hugging us in the past 7-10 days, this is your warning. 

If you are done retching into the nearest wastebasket (or doing the paranoid head scratch), read on for a total change of subject!

All of my goals for the new year can pretty much be summed up in the experiences of the last few weeks.

1. Laugh every day. For obvious reasons.

Photo by David Christy Photography.

Seriously, what the freak was so funny?

I'm going to accomplish this by running with my BUTS bros and sisters. Look below to see how rocking they are.

First BUTS Bearly Ultra

2. Don't be afraid to fall down.

When my brother and I were sweeping the BUTS Bearly Ultra, I had a pretty rough fall, the kind where you are holding a bunch of stuff and can't break the fall with your hands so you break it with your knees and face instead. Mostly with the knees, so that was fortunate. 

A+ for stylish sweeping. F+ for ability to stay upright.

After that fall, I was rolling around in the dirt groaning about how my rollout/dismount was off, when  I spotted something glistening an inch away from my face. A key. Toyota to be exact. Out of the entire 9-mile trail, I managed to fall in the one spot (at about mile 4) where someone dropped a key. We picked it up and passed it off at the aid station to be delivered to the finish line, where I heard someone was very relieved to not have to scour the trail for their lost key.

The moral of the story is good things come to those who aren't afraid to fall.

3. Be creative.

Like the person who made this spinning card. 

It's the Choose Your Own Adventure of cards. I couldn't stop staring at its coolness.

Bella and I are going to try and make a Valentine's wreath this week. Another way to use up all of the scrap boxes from ordering presents from Amazon.

4. Eat clean(ish). 

Because it makes my mind (and bowels) smile. 

Christmas pancakes made with rice flour and homemade butter.
5. Learn from the past. 

Standing by some old past-ish stuff during a Red Mountain trail run.

Mostly, don't do speed work and long runs on back-to-back days so you don't get injured. And Olive Garden the night before a marathon is the worst idea ever invented.

6. Gravity or fences can't hold you back.

Flying chess on a family run.

Oh, wait, the trail was that way. P.S. That fence was already bent -- we aren't Hercules.

My last runs of the year were with my family in Evansville, IN. The ranks of runners in our family are rapidly expanding. Expect to see an even bigger group in next winter's reunion pics. 

On the Pigeon Creek Greenway.

7. Be generous. 

The Christmas presents from the kids kind of made me cry a little. They are so freaking sweet.

And for those of your who were wondering what my husband ended up giving me for Christmas (remember this post?), now's the moment of truth. He gave me the upgraded cell phone that I swore I didn't want, and guess what. Turns out that it was the best present he could've given me. I can text now (yes, I was that person who refused to pay an extra $5 for texting every month), and the phone is lighter, faster, and now has a water-proof case (perfect for storing it in your sweaty bra while running). My present to him is this sentence: Amory, you were right!

8. Try and be the best mom ever.

Merry Christmas to me from Enoch.

So I can get a repeat of this certificate next Christmas.

9. Learn even more from the kids.

As evidenced above, they're incredibly creative and generous. And they are styling. See below for reference.

One of my favorite runner kids and her mom (also my favorite).

I loved seeing the kids with their parents at the Life Time Commitment Day 5K. 

Makes me want to make sure that I'm not leaving my kids out of the action this year. Unless they have lice. In which case, they will be quarantined, along with every pillow and blanket we've ever looked at. 

10. Never give up.

When I was sweeping the BUTS race with my brother, we had the chance to run with these two champions, Al and Moha.

Finishing out the Bearly Ultra. 

You can read more from Al at his blog. There you will find that Al's been at this running thing for a while, and through the ups (running with BUTS, right?!) and downs (injuries), he's stuck with it because it makes him happy. Basically, he is the person you want to be when you grow up.

Find the thing you love (family, running, other) and stick with it through the ups and downs. I believe that it's worth it.


BTW, these are not my actual goals, more like the inspiration behind my goals. I'm VERY into writing down specific goals every new year. Even if I don't accomplish them perfectly, I know progress comes when I write down a plan. 


And now for the winners of Healthy You! so they can jump start healthy eating (and a smiling mind and bowels) for the year!

Congrats, Rachel and Monica! Message me your address (yomommaruns at gmail.com) so that we can get your books to you ASAP. Thank you to everyone who entered, and may the force be with you as you go about tackling your resolutions.

If you didn't win and would like to learn more, you can find Healthy You! on Amazon. 


  1. we had lice outbreak....made me wish I had all boys and could shave their little heads....remember the key is to treat and RETREAT:)

    Good luck

  2. YAY! I'm so excited!! My brother had lice when we were younger, but my sister and I didn't get it somehow. Thankful, because I always thought I would have to shave my head if I did.

  3. I always love your stories and your pictures ! Happy New Year and congrats to your winners.

  4. Lisa - thanks so much for the kind shoutout in your blog. Yes, I do love to run, but it's meeting and surrounding myself with folks like you that make it a blast. Keep on laughing, being a proud mama, writing a great blog, and falling in the right places. Run long and strong.

    1. That's exactly why my trail running is taking over the road running -- I just met a lot of cool people who are fun to talk to for hours on the trails.:)

  5. Hilarious, gorgeous presents! Made me almost want my little boy to get bigger so he can write me little notes like that as well. Happy New Year, Yo Momma! It's Boston Year for you!

    1. Yes!!! We just had a trip planning meeting!

      And you will be getting mommy love letters before you know it. I know that in a few years these probably will go away, so I'm trying to preserve them all so I can go back and read them when they are in the why-is-my-mom-the-uncoolest phase.

  6. Random comment of the day: After seeing your cover photo, my 6 year old son asks, "Is she going for a run, or is she base jumping?"

    Your coolness factor just went WAY up!

    1. Also, his coolness factor went up because he knows what base jumping is!!

      And please don't tell him that I'm actually super afraid of heights. I don't want him to disrespect me.:)

  7. That's my favorite runner kid too! I would have still been in bed had she not motivated me to get up and go. Kids are the best. :)


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