January 9, 2014

Running injury blah-iness

This week has blah-ed past. It all started with me ignoring one of my new year's goals of staying injury free by not doing obviously stupid stuff. When I went a little off schedule with my speed work, running it Friday instead of Thursday, I was sure it was fine to do a long run on Saturday. Seriously, I just posted about this a few days ago.

Saturday morning rolled around, and I barely scraped myself off of my mattress to get up and run with my brother. Then we perfected making our ugliest faces for selfies. 


Score for weirdest selfie face, but maybe that zip tie art installation will distract you. 

Zip tie art.

My body just really can't handle this two-hard-days-of-running-in-a-row stuff, and the reason I know that is because I've experimented with that many times, thinking, oh, I'll just squeeze in my week of training into three days, no problem. Newsflash to myself: that never works out. Unless I'm running trails, and then I think it is just a case of the trails slowing my runs down enough that I'm not as likely to get hurt. 

So I was like this. 

The hat didn't work.

Cry, my left foot hurts enough that it makes me limp-run (definition: when you unconsciously avoid putting pressure on one foot because it hurts), and for sure a limpy run will injure my other side. So I stopped. 

Plus there's an Xterra race at Monte Sano in Huntsville, AL, this weekend, that I was shooting for. It is only 15K, but now that my foot is hurting, I'm going to shoot for the 5K with the caveat that I can always drop if I need to. Which, knowing myself, means that I will push through to the end of the 5K no matter what. Maybe not smart, but I took almost the whole week off from running. So somewhere in there, all the smart vs. ridiculous decisions balance out, right?!

And if you're looking at runners from the outside, almost all of our decisions look ridiculous. My friend posted this outsider perspective of runners on the Facebooks recently. 

Yes, I'm glad you noticed that really rad smudging of names to protect the innocent. But for serious, we look insane to the rest of the world. 

Marketers sometimes try (maybe unsuccessfully) to take advantage of that, like by labeling products with the word "marathon." I found this marathon fresh body spray on the clearance aisle the other day. So anyone who has ever run a marathon knows that there is nothing fresh about Gatorade/drool streaks on your tank top and a little bit of unintentional soiling of your built-in runner briefs. Not at all surprised that this is now on the clearance aisle. If they're following that same line of logic, maybe next time they could try something like outhouse fresh or my brother didn't flush fresh. 

Moving on to happier times, my husband and I are trying to clean up our diet by following the Healthy You two-week plan that I posted about here. It usually takes me about two weeks to get over sugar cravings (currently eating no processed sugar), so I'm almost there. Six more days to go before I stop twitching every time I see a dessert. I did go ahead and order some Girl Scout cookies from a friend just to give hope to the dessert reflex in my brain.

What's something that your friends and family think you are crazy for doing? I floss my teeth with my hair sometimes. Wait, is that just gross or crazy?

Best flavor of Girl Scout cookies? Or no thanks to them? Samoas!

Any current injuries? Misery loves company.