February 27, 2014

Surprise, I'm running a 50 miler this weekend.

As I write this, I'm losing the time I need to pack for my race on Saturday. Turns out that even if you sign up for a race on a total whim and don't train for it, you still have to do practical things like pack to travel to the race. It can't be all slacking off up until race start.

My plan is to finish, emphasis on finish, the Mississippi 50 trail race this Saturday. I have been running consistently, but not as consistently as a 50-mile race requires. About a month (or more ago), I ran for about 4 hours on a trail (more than I planned that day because we went on a hunt for a lost phone, which we miraculously found in a ditch of leaves!), and this past weekend, I did two double-digit days in a row and felt fine afterwards. So I feel confident that I can finish, but there will probably be pain. Lots of pain. Especially during the last 20 miles.

But I have a solid playlist and a lot of Birmingham buddies who will be there, so I'm hoping that those things will feed my soul up to the finish line.

I've really been trying to focus on getting enough rest this week. With one 3 a.m. bedtime on Monday night, it started out rough, but I think I got in bed before midnight the rest of the week. Honestly, that's pretty huge for me, so yay.

Some other updates, as I've been out of the blogosphere lately.

You guys helped me raise $565 for Mitchell's Place. Every dollar counts, and I felt privileged to be in the first year of Mercedes Marathon fundraising for Mitchell's Place. I skipped the actual race because of the funeral, but it felt good to participate in some way still. It's my all-time favorite weekend in Birmingham.

I've also been going crazy on some yoga to test out my new mat. It was a great deal from The Clymb, but I am a little disappointed that it isn't more grippy. My hands slid a ton in hot yoga class, but I'm not sure if that wouldn't be the case with any other mat in hot yoga. Thank Ashtanga for towels. Anyone else tried this brand of yoga mat?

A successful purchase in the same order was these shoes, OTBT clogs. Where the most comfortable clog meets picnic basket. 

About to roam this weekend, but I'll have to use the trail shoes instead. We had a group shoe breaking in. Well, except for that well-loved shoe on the right. 

And do you have this guy in your town? The guy who wears the giant pack on the stair master. Who is he? Why does he do this? And why can't I ever remember to go up and ask him when I'm done running? I always plan to but forget because run brain.

What is the longest distance you would run on a whim? Well, I'll have to say 50 after this weekend. I wouldn't have guessed that before now. 

What's the weirdest thing you've seen at the gym lately? My personal favorite is treadmill dancers. I wish there were more of those! They make everything more fun.

Your go-to treadmill channel? HGTV house shows for the win. But our life is an episode of House Hunters right now, so at least I have an excuse.